How to Get an Hourglass Figure

A lot of ladies ask about how to get an hourglass figure. A Kim Kardashian type body is of course difficult to obtain – there’s only one blessed with Kim K genetics. However you can come as close as possible for your body time, if you put in the work. Here’s a great video to do just that.

Video Transcript

How to get an hourglass figure. Hello so curvy girl everyone it’s all about the curves nap about the big booty in the small waist that’s what a lot of girls one correct correct i’m assuming if you clicked on this video that’s probably what you want the curves the the hourglass lamb steak which I’ll cute as there’s a lot of people think that they need to go and get surgery to make their body the way they wanted no shade obviously do what you want i’m all for supporting people in their own opinions when it comes to themselves if you want to go out there and you want to go get your boobs done go get your boobs done if you want to go out there you want to go get your butt down go get your butt done but i’m here to help those out there who do not want to drop cash and do stuff like that because i’m here to tell you that like you can literally create the body that you want now you got to keep in mind that some people are just naturally born with big but some people are just naturally born with small ways but then there’s some people out there who weren’t I wasn’t and that’s what I can work for it and so can you so today I’m here to give you guys 10 tips that I looked up online to help me and to help you get that hourglass figure if if you want yeah number one wear tight clothing hang tight clothing it literally just enhances everything but of course wear tight clothing when you feel like super comfortable to do so when you were like leggings and stuff it definitely like in chances your body x 10 you do have a little bit of curves definitely like we’re tighter items because then your figure is going to stand out more not be covering up your body with big ol jackets and big jeans and stuff like that I’m a hypocrite because all I where’s big ass jackets and stuff but this isn’t about me this is about you today this is about you number to avoid low-rise pants or jeans because it’s not going to do anything but bring your body down what you want to do is stick to the high waisted pants high-waisted leggings all that such and it’s gonna have your booty pop the next tip is where some push up bra you need to take your butt to Victoria’s Secret and pick up that bomb show bra I think that’s what it’s called and have those boobies pop being the I’m a part of the ATT committee so you know I own so many push-up bras because when i wear those shirts that are like the cut I got to make sure like I’m popping no boobies up not down all right next tip is wear heels let me tell you what he’ll do for you first off it improves your posture makes you walk like sexier not like this sexy little like wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle that’s if you know how to walk in here so if you do not girl you need to be walking around who’s all throughout the house before you hit the streets ok also heels lift the booty next thing we have is waist training Joe – bunny curves for hooking me up with the waist training package you guys like kelly your stomach so my feet and I’m like well thanks many curves so in the description box below I’m have a discount code for these waist trainers that i use and i’m also have the links to the whole package that i got this way straining right here the pink one is the one that I you work out in because it’s just like a lot more loose and stretch here this one is the kim k 1 if you want that Kim K body just want to just good for like every day you know just under your tire and such like that yeah I know those people out there gonna be like you’re so skinny why are you waste training and you will not need a new anyway because her so many years what weight training does you can use it if you want to lose weight you can use it if you want to shape your body so you want an hourglass figure this is what you want to get it but I personally believe if you know your body and if you know not to overdo it you should be fine like don’t overstuff your body like don’t freakin squeeze the life out of yourself and wear this everyday 24-7 never take it off just don’t murder your so honestly just move at your pace I’m not saying you have to do weight training it’s just a suggestion and you know if you want to purchase it definitely go to any curves we see Kylie one day we see can wait day we see Chloe with a we see this celebrity we see that celebrity it’s doing something for somebody the next thing is do cardio cardio is basically just working out that mean want to see you were gal me were gal me hey a go no cardio if you don’t know what it is you can honestly research like a bunch of different cardio exercises but I just be sticking to sit ups because I’m your girl is lazy oh and crunches you can do sit-ups and crunches maybe like 20 of each day and you a next step is to firm and tone your legs get to work and do them squats and received a wake up and do this I’m talking about ten squads I’m talking about 1 i’m talking about starting all the way two hundred floor ok I do like 10 squats a day but hey its aids it’s working and the next one is a shape that upper bag wait what is gone Oh bench bench dip there we go basically put your hands behind like a face like say i’m on the edge of the bed and then you just kind of get down like that and of course eat right can’t expect to do all these exercises and then to be in pizza but I’m hypocrite I mean at least try to eat right it’s a try and i can like it right every single day three right so you know just don’t like mash all this badness in your body every single day like try and mix that you know have like little fruit with some pizza you know of course drink some water water is just detox your whole entire body is just amazing for you if you don’t drink water you will never function or be alive and you’ll probably get dehydrated and you die drink some water is your best friend or it should be and then of course of course don’t give that just don’t give up honestly if you want to motivate yourself you can post pictures of like your goals all around your room so every time you wake up you’re like I’m forced to work out because i need to look like that love yourself love your body love you don’t feel like you need to change for anybody or anything to fit in a certain category don’t feel like you need to look a certain way in order to be liked or loved you are beautiful the way you are but if you are looking for an hourglass figure and you want to achieve I just wanted to make this video for you but you bomb boom hi guys so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give me that thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel do not forget to hit subscribe also check me out on my Twitter and my Instagram and I will catch you guys in the next video peace out no wind call me on the cell you know when you need me and not I could only male yeah. hourglass figure
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