Best Exercise to Lose Weight

The best exercise to lose weight. A great fat burning workout to lose weight in 4 weeks in the comfort of home, with minimal equipment needed. Get rid of fat from arms, legs, and stomach and tone up quickly.

Video Transcript

hey everyone its Joanna here today’s workout is designed especially for those of you who are beginners and you would like to start exercising and start losing weight but you don’t know where to start and you just do not know how to mix and match your own workout so my advice for you is to follow this workout for the next four weeks do it three times weekly on every other day and combine it with three times cardio as well such as jogging swimming or even cycling for best results when it comes to quick and effective fat burning to lose weight what you should be doing is told the body workout focusing on major muscles in your body so this record is going to be focusing a lot on your legs because that’s the largest muscles in your body your chest muscles your biceps triceps shoulders as well as your back the way to have been more calories is to increase your heart rate that point in everywhere got you should be aiming to increase your heart rate in order to burn more calories and open more facts there will be ten exercises each exercise will last for one minute forty seconds workout and 20 seconds rest do all 10 exercises back to back without stopping once you have completed the entire circuit rest for one minute and repeat the entire circuit four times so the total workout will be 44 minutes three times weekly there is no secret to losing weight is eighty percent nutrition and twenty percent exercise to clean up your diet for best results you can follow my food meal plan and be committed to your workout stick by it and I assure you that in four weeks time you will notice the difference keep doing it keep progressing and you have achieved your goal so let this be the start to a new you when it comes to working out you have to do your walmart do at least five to ten minutes roll up to get your muscles in your blood flowing this will help to avoid any injuries and to avoid any crime ok if you’re a beginner you can start by watching on the spot or if you find that this is too easy for you you can always start by just jogging on the spot five to ten minutes so i’m going to put my time on this 40 seconds workout and 20 seconds rest and i’ll be guiding you through each worry guys all right let’s start the first one cup is jumping jacks okay so it’s four seconds remember to take it at your own pace and just breathe II and out ok find a reason to your breathing because that will really help with your workout so no thinking no rushing just breathe in and out and really start to feel your lower body muscles working and really reach all the way up to feel your arms working as well ok and now rest for 20 seconds the next workout is push ups so what we want to do is to start on our knees try to keep your knees together chest shoulder width apart ok and go all the way down and push out your chest let’s go down and up to really squeeze which has and push all the way up same thing try to do as many reps as you can within the 40 seconds as you progress you’ll find that you will be able to do more rest we’re going to keep your back straight tighten your core so you’re coming in the air this is wrong if you’re doing this it’s wrong keep your time off her body online street and push up ok i was there keep going you should be in your chest your shoulders and triceps to forget in time good now rest for 20 seconds the next workout it’s called mountain climber this work out where we’re focusing on your core at the same time you will be working with you your body well to get into a plank position what you want to do is to imagine that you’re climbing on the mountain to bring your knees in towards your chest and just keep finding alternative left to right ok so traveling when you’re waiting to be called a pike position and just plain as you get as you progress week by week you will be able to bring the speed up and eventually bring it up to a reason ok so this is really to work on your core your legs and upper body at the same time because the upper body is actually supporting you get rest for 20 seconds and the next workout our legs again because our legs were really burned help us to bring lots of that the next workout is alternate lunges so step back what you want to be doing is to take a white step lunch go with my street push back and alternate with your left leg ok so simple you can keep your hands by your hips push back alternate down and up and pushing back what you want to do is to squeeze your bum at the same time so this is a total body I’m going to towards the lower body workout there you go ok try to keep your legs 90 degrees you was there going 90 degrees well and now just wrestle boys seconds next workout back to high knees because what we’re going to do is to increase our hundred so simple then put your arms up and just jump up with tiny ok as hard as you can this is to increase our harder to get and when your heart rate goes up what happens you burn calories alright so trying to go as high as you can it’s fine if you can go to how to deal with but eventually you will give it to bring it up to go get ok reduce your legs working really hard and pumping almost there going good now rest next one out like 12 on that what we want to do is our triceps this is contrast of dip so just place your arms we don’t think the space in front bring your body up they’re gonna be sliding and just better elbows and push it back out just very small pulses but you will be feeling your tribe that’s working then small pulses focusing on the triceps good this will give you a tone arms keep going doing well small fossils there you go tighten your core try not to rest your bottom of the floor keep going almost there three well you’re on the seventh we got after days get ready for 20 seconds next workout back to call you Father peace everybody knows burpees I’m gonna hit it but let’s do it ok so don’t into a push-up position put your bag bring it in jump up okay dump out the licks good in haha alright you can free your hands up if you want to that’s it I’ll power up good this is a really good total body fat burning workout keep going all right take it will pace trying to do as many purposes again and eventually you will progress on to do more good job rest next workout squats still on the lips because what we’re going to do is to print lots of that the squad then it with a pot toes facing all put your mom back as far as you can and power up with your heels ok so try to focus on pushing out reveals and not your toes that way you will be working on your pump and your entire quartz ok up so slow dump push-up good down and try to get back as straight as you can and tighten your cold good so no punching forward back straight at a time and up with the use to jump was that good last few one more one more yeah good rest and now play okay thank you a really good core workout he works on your abs and your lower back at the same time so let’s get down to the mat we’re going to do is just to avoid 20 seconds on the elbows and not and just keep your back straight so no arching or no going up you’re dropping your back they’re going up just in a straight line and just keep your breathing slowing you been reading tighten your core really tighten your core and your ass working at the same time you will be in your next well if you are i doing then you will be getting a lot of all that which is not only want to just concluding good almost there okay so long now get rest for 20 seconds next workout doing a plank position this is called spider-man all right so it’s ready to work on the side of your house right plank position what we want to do is just crunch sideways real laid back and crunch that’s it so we do the side of your working by maintaining a play position the guy’s not bounce and then you’ll be getting a cool one breast before moving on to the second set good take it s been wanting a straight line good and some progress thinking you can bring the speed up and at more apps into each workout over there let’s go you’re doing well last long rest good just drinking buddy Sean and just rip it up and rest for a quick one me get the Sun is just setting behind me I’ve done one said about what I want you to do now is to do another three more set in order to see results you can spin the work out if you really need to two sets in the morning and two sets in the evening but by the end of the day I want you to complete the entire for set and you must must must follow my meal plan together with this workout you can get this workout and my mailman from my website join us . com printing out and paste it when you will see it every day to motivate yourself there is no secret to losing weight the key is to be committed be consistent and be patient with your result so start now stick to the plan and i can assure you that you will see the difference in four weeks time keep doing it until you have achieved your goal to a new you for new fitness food and motivational videos please like share and subscribe to my youtube channel and website do follow me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter to stay connected with me thanks guys yeah yeah. best exercise to lose weight
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