My Bigger Biceps Routine to Maximize Growth

I’m trying to make my biceps explode with more development. I am looking to find and implement new techniques to make them grow. Do you have any good bicep routines you could suggest?

There are many instances where people are searching for “new” and “inventive” approaches to training that will pack on gobs of muscle and often in this pursuit of new techniques they overlook the basics. I’ll warn you right now the routine I am going to suggest may not look real flashy but it will be effective.

I feel the best mass building bicep routines incorporate progressive resistance and are revolved around free weight exercises like barbell and dumbbell curls. These basic free weight exercises allow you to achieve maximum overload on the targeted area while using a full and natural range of motion. Keep the volume of total sets low and the intensity high.

Here is an example of an effective routine for bigger biceps:

Barbell Curls….3 sets 4-8 reps (After warm-up)
Standing Dumbbell Curls….2 sets 4-8 reps

This routine may not seem to be very fancy but you can be assured it will blast your biceps and stimulate maximum muscle growth.