Can You Eat Spaghetti and Lose Weight?

Lose Weight With Miracle Noodles

Today we’re gonna make some healthy comfort food. Meal prep, but we don’t want all those calories and carbs and fat. So what if I told you we’re gonna make a healthy version of spaghetti bolognaise that is so rich and delicious? In my kitchen I don’t think so yo because we are making a spaghetti bolognaise ground chicken cooked with tons of veggies herbs and spices and cooked in a zesty tomato sauce and finish with shirataki noodles and a really simple arugula and fennel salad so if you love healthy meal prep and that actually has flavor creativity and doesn’t tease you with some girls boobs on the thumbnail and you click on the video and it’s some really really crappy recipe then subscribe to my channel I’ll never show you my boobs boobs but I will show you some really really tasty recipes to get this light and tasty spaghetti bolognaise on your way I have one and a half pounds of ground chicken thigh I’m subbing out beef for the chicken because it’s way lighter I’m preheating a large pan over medium-high heat I’m gonna drizzle in two teaspoons of olive oil I’m gonna go in with the chicken now you want the pan to be hot to start sizzling immediately you want to flatten out the chicken into one even layer now pinch over half a teaspoon of salt and a few cracks of black pepper all right I’m gonna let that cook for just a couple minutes in the meantime you guys next week my huge epic KitchenAid Thanksgiving giveaway is launching but because I love you guys I’m gonna let you enter first so down below in the description box is the official link every week for five weeks I’m giving away one KitchenAid appliance for a total value of over two thousand dollars so enter share with all your friends and I hope you guys win because it’s crazy so give that a good mix up and then I only want to cook the ground chicken thighs about 80% of the way because I don’t want them to get dry chicken when it gets dry is nasty so I’m gonna pretty much take it out of the pan or right about now and then I’ll transfer it to a clean Bowl all right chicken is done and it’s already smelling really good but now we will move on to the bolo vegetation for this recipe so in front of me I have onions carrots and celery I want to pack in as many veggies in this recipe as possible don’t even bother cleaning out your pan just go in with another 2 teaspoons of olive oil and then add the veggies and then immediately go in with a half a teaspoon of salt and a few cracks of pepper so I’ve been making beef bolognese like honestly once a week for the last few weeks and I’ve been doing it I Instagram and snapchat and you guys have been loving it so I thought I would show you this recipe but do it a little lighter with chicken but if you do this with beef Oh Mamma Mia the flavors are unbelievable and I wouldn’t even brown it separately I would cook the onions then brown the beef and then add the other vegetables because the chicken is lighter we have to do this in different stages and now I want to add even more flavor so I’m reaching for dried oregano every Italian sauce I pretty much make has this in it so go in with 1 teaspoon of that and then shake in half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes I want these vegetables who really wilt down so I’m gonna cook them for a good nine minutes all right you guys while the veggies are doing their thing I’m gonna show you what’s gonna make this pasta dish low carb low calorie but still a legit delicious noodle say hello to shirataki noodles it was one of you guys honestly a few months ago told me about these noodles and I’ve never heard of them they’re made with konjac flour and water and this whole pack only has me do the math here 30 calories and 8 carbs for a half a pound bag you can buy these at Whole Foods you can get them at Walmart you can buy them on Amazon it’s either called shirataki noodles this brand is nays soya or I’ve seen a brand called miracle noodles and they are indeed a miracle but they’re packed in a ton of water check this out once you cut up in the packet look how much water comes out of here and the main ingredient in here is water so think about it if I want my bowl and a sauce to be rich and creamy later on a number one have to strain these but I also have to get rid of all that excess moisture in these noodles so I’m going to crack open the rest of the packs and I’m preheating a large non-stick pan back there and cook all the excess moisture out of this alright so somebody remind me about those noodles in about five minutes I’m gonna cook them over a medium-high heat just so a good amount of the water evaporates now getting back to our vegetation here check this out those onions get sweet the carrots get sweet and they’ve reduced by at least half I want a really hearty rich tomato flavor so GameChanger alert tomato paste now comes in a tube check this out I’m gonna squeeze in a good three tablespoons here and I freaking love this stuff because anytime I open the can like this and I use like three tablespoons it sits in my fridge it gets kind of moldy on there now I don’t have to worry about that toothpaste and tomato paste now coming to a tube near you I freaking love this stuff alright so cook this tomato paste for three minutes when you actually do that the tomato flavor gets even more deep and even more intense and it’s outrageously good and then add three cloves of garlic that are finely minced look in the bottom of the pan you guys this is what I’m talking about all these little bits on the bottom of the pan are flavor just tons of concentrated flavor and this is what I call now a flavor bomb so I’m gonna go in with store-bought marinara sauce because I’m a lazy butt and I am giving you permission to be a lazy butt too but if you want to be a hero I have a recipe for a bomb marinara sauce takes about 45 minutes to make I’ll put the recipe below but if you get one at the store make sure it’s no salt or low salt because you always want to control the amount of salt in your dish now I’m gonna empty in this container here liftin have you at the gym lately I guess not all right tomato goes in and then add half a cup of water to the bottle and kind of just shake it around and get all that excess sauce out of there and get it in now check out what kind of pan I’m using you guys number one it has high sides because I am a messy cook raise your hand if you’re a hashtag messy cook too and I don’t want the tomatoes splashing all over and I’m not using a cast-iron pan because cast iron will react with the tomatoes and make it taste kind of metal and tinny so this is the few one of the very few times I’m not using cast iron now because those tomatoes were completely unsalted I do want to add a little bit of salt so shake in about half a teaspoon a few cracks of pepper and then I’m gonna reach for my ground chicken thighs and dump that back in okay give that a good mix I’m gonna bring that back to a simmer one more stapl is always dropping a bay leaf in the pot a bay leaf just adds a ton of flavor and all you need is one just drop it in and then I can tell this is a little too thick already so I’m gonna add a little more water alright the noodles are done and you pretty much know they’re ready when the bottom of the pan is kind of light and cakey like that that means most of the moisture is gone feast your eyes on this pot oh goodness look at that the tomatoes are reducing it’s looking really chunky and you know what I should probably check it for seasoning now because number one I want to snack and number two I do have to make sure it has proper salt levels oh my god Rose relies on the chicken is really moist and meaty perfect salt levels but methinks the tomatoes are a little acidic and what I always do is reach for honey you don’t have to use bulgarian honey from Jesse’s mother but I do then honestly like one teaspoon of honey completely balances out all the acid and the tomatoes if you don’t want to use honey you can use agave nectar or I haven’t done it but I guess a little bit of stevia on here it would work fine too alright I do want this to go another ten minutes or so in the meantime we can get cracking on the arugula and fennel salad but if you live in England you call this rocket which I think there’s a way cooler name than arugula it’s peppery it’s really really kind of a tender green to pair with that I have fennel have you guys cooked or ate final before it kind of has this black licorice anise flavor I freaking love this stuff Desi’s kind of on the fence about it but what I do is I cut it in half and then because I’m not an Iron Chef and don’t have the perfect knife skills I put it on a mandolin like this and then use a hand guard to protect your fingers and just rock it back and forth and the beauty of using this guy is that it comes out wafer thinness like super super thin like that so when you’re eating a really crunchy Hardy vegetable like fennel you want it to be super thin and then just run your knife through it so it’s a little smaller pieces and then add it to the salad because I want a little bit of heat in there I’m gonna reach for a red hot chili pepper here and thinly slice it somebody asked me last week if this was spicy as a jalapeno or Serrano and no it’s not it’s really mild it’s one of my favorite Chili’s because it’s just not that spicy well we have the colors of the Italian flag here right oh I love when that happens yes totally unintentional that is so cool now save the top of the phenols these are called fennel fronds they’re absolutely delicious and it’s kind of like getting a twofer you get the vegetable on the bottom and you get the herbs on top so just pick them and pluck them in the salad it’s such a great delicate flavor to finish instead of using parmesan I use its cousin pecorino romano it’s cheaper it’s a ship’s sheep’s milk from Rome and it’s delicious so all I do is take a veggie peeler so I want long strips and I just shave it like this and the beauty of using this cheese is it only has 20 calories and one gram of fat per tablespoon just mix the salad with your hands now look at that it’s a really really easy but sexy salad it’s got great color now I’m not gonna dress this I’m gonna keep this in the fridge as is and when the time comes to eat it I’m gonna dress it with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil fresh lemon juice salt and pepper and I’m gonna do that or right before I eat it because if you do that ahead of time the salad will wilt big-time all right let’s push this aside check on our sauce which is just about and done look at that you guys oh my gosh it’s just so meaty and saucy it’s like a proper ragout that normally would take maybe an hour or two hours and this has been only going for 15 minutes now just like I finished almost all sauces I’m gonna take the spaghetti or the pasta noodle and put it directly in the sauce just make sure you have a really big pan here which is why I recommend getting one that has the high sides now keep the heat on like medium and I’m gonna cook it for a good like 4 to 5 minutes because I want the sauce and pasta noodle to kind of come together as one and I want that noodle to soak up all of that meaty goodness and this is how you fool your palate or fool your friends and your family into thinking they’re eating starchy car because pasta you can’t even tell the difference it’s amazing don’t forget to take out the bay leaf it’s done its work all right the pasta looks absolutely perfect I’m gonna kill the heat on the pan and finish it with some fresh herbs I have some parsley here that I’ve finely chopped and then I’m gonna reach for the pecorino romano again because it has so few calories and the residual heat inside the pasta is gonna melt that that smells so good right now it’s crazy all right I’m gonna evacuate this into a container for the week all right I have my tub Oh spaghetti here now this is enough for five super hearty portions but don’t even worry about it because check out the macros below it’s super super good for you you can keep this in the fridge for five days but you can’t freeze it let’s go ahead and pleat up a portion here let me scoop in a big healthy portion of the spaghetti and then some of the salad that I dressed and there it is you guys healthy comfort food and that is sexy come on if that doesn’t get you excited about eating healthy delicious food I don’t know what will speaking of eating I am going into this pasta look at that mmm sure the entire nation of Italy without rage right now I’m using shirataki noodles and ground chicken and yeah maybe I’m never allowed to enter the country again but it was so worth it because that pasta is silky and al dente the sauce is creamy and rich and it’s meaty and I don’t even miss the beef this is the bomb you guys the recipe is down below in the description box along with the storage reheating macros all that good stuff make sure you sign up for my KitchenAid giveaway and share it with as many of your friends as possible I want to make this better and bigger than last year if you want to see two more videos check out the ones below me until next time hashtag keep on cooking and pasta la vista baby

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