Interested in learning about the chamomile plant? We go over the benefits of chamomile, and what it’s good for. You’ll also learn about chamomile tea, essential oil, extract, anti-inflammatory properties, and how it affects sleep.

Chamomile Benefits

We started essential oils definitely can help you I give away we do like giveaways forget about the dishes forget about the laundry forget about all of that for a minute that’s the same with essential oils you guys you have to figure out what works for you you’re gonna see a huge difference a huge difference welcome back everyone it is Halloween Eve and our wisdom Wednesday show so we’re going to be talking about my costume obviously and then just kidding we’re gonna be talking about the new spotlight oil of the week and we are going to be talking more about peppermint so take the next like 1 minute to learn everything you can about peppermint but before but before we do all of that we are going to see who’s joining us we have Jessica from Pennsylvania Tanya from Florida hey hey from Florida she says we have amanda from Delaware Shelby from North Carolina Michelle from upstate New York we have Cassie from windy Arizona Sara from New York Marianne from Iowa Jane from Central New York a lot of New Yorkers today we have Tracy from Illinois we have Amanda says hi Reese I love your co-host Katrina wasn’t feeling very good today and dyed her hair blonde but she’s really excited about the pumpkin and the Monster Mash set so there’s that okay a couple more shout outs actually I’ve stopped scrolling okay there we are I think it’s my gloves now here we go we have one more person we have mrs. Sosa from New Jersey and and who do we have joining us from Instagram we have 78 says hi from rainy Ohio cheesy Garcia says hola from h-town go Astros cheesy quesadilla Adrianna monterosso – 6:05 says hi from California moon Lily 10:13 says hi from Vermont Petric fidgets says leave my puppies alone wait does Petra fidget really have Dalmatians because that’s amazing I we need to know I think they’re gorgeous as you can tell snowy Colorado and we have hum oboe says hi from Ireland so any right guesses on who I am oh yeah so I it was it wasn’t that hard what part of Ireland home oboe are you from you can’t tell from the name oh we also have gym girls zero zero zero zero it says hi from Ireland as well – that’s amazing guys they’re just coming to visit you Jerry where from Jerry’s from Ireland Jerry when did you move 1975 she moved to the States I am karela de Ville my son if any of you are familiar with the Disney descendants my son is going to be Carlos who is korilla de villes son and so I’m going to be Cruella De Vil oh yeah I’m know I normally have a dress but I didn’t want a whole fully dress-up I’m only halfway like oh that’s not appropriate I apologize it’s not appropriate Katrina told me Danny can we go back and even watch what you just said oh my god move I apologize please excuse my language okay um what are we doing today whoo I’ve gotten trouble from Katrina I’m a little I’m a little I don’t know a little frazzled now okay chamomile Roman is our oil of the week which means you get 15% off any size of chamomile Roman through Tuesday of next week no coupon code necessary chamomile we’ll both camomile’s but calomel Roman is really good for emotional support it’s good for the skin I mean those are the two main ones right yeah yeah yeah any questions comments concerns about chamomile Roman it’s really good stuff I’m sorry I’m so inappropriate please forgive me let’s see okay so the back of the label says chamomile Roman is used to assist relaxation before bedtime it can ease occasional overexertion during exercise and help soothe the normal wear and tear associated with or aging joints Carol said oils aren’t going to help that skeleton too late um describe what it smells like is this an opened one there’s no it’s sweet and Roman is the one that isn’t as I know that which one is this this is Roman yeah Roman isn’t as blue it’s the lighter of the two right yeah like it’s not blue at all yeah okay Jai Kisan 70 no one is asking is it helpful for sickness like what kind of sickness like respiratory tummy troubles I don’t honestly know i smelling it i feel like there could be some respiratory there relief there is a very good download on the downloads page that talks about all the constituents yeah find out what constituents are in our room and chamomile and totally check it out there’s so many good ones um maggie said she just used it in her hair serum Nicole wants to know if it’s kids safe it is kids safe is it pup and Pony safe I think so katrina thinks so and maybe caitlyn will jump on and can confirm that or not let’s see this might not be true but I believe Roman chamomile is used a lot more influence than German chamomile is German chamomile is more it’s a bit stronger Romans a soft a little bit soft ripe in my personal opinion yeah secure Tanya says Roman chamomile smells amazing somebody said I can’t find it anymore but somebody said it’s it’s already in their car and they’re glad they waited amanda says she loves the Constituent chart she uses all the time yeah it’s really helpful we have a few people saying that they really like Roman chamomile for sleeping and sleeping blends yes it’s great for relaxation absolutely great for let’s see so oh maybe well with that is the question said I missed the question Oh is it poppin Pony safe and so yeah Roman chamomile is it poppin Pony safe so yes chamomile is the oil of the week so 15% off no coupon code necessary just add it to your card the discount will be automatically applied it can be any size of Roman chamomile we’re getting a lot of customers who are saying that they absolutely love the smell of Roman chamomile yeah it’s good stuff um heads Katelyn come on in posted yep she is house not yet oh okay okay um and then to learn even more about constituents we don’t learn about constant you want you guys but we’re going to with our constituents in a jar and it looks like we have new dice today Oh saves me time look at Jerry she doesn’t like it when I go over time all right I’m going to play constituents in a jar cuz this is actually this is our last constituents in it oh that’s sad I like this but you’ll like the new one well new one we got it’s pretty fun too [Music] it’s did she wins in a jar okay I cheated because I didn’t want to do one of the ones I pulled out okay since it’s the last constituents in the show her yeah I only had one option and I liked it when you guys get to choose between oils okay so this is why Terpening and it is supportive of a healthy immune system and reduces heat and redness in the skin why Terpening can be found in mandarin marjoram sweet and tea tree so you guys get to tell us in the comment section what of those three oils is your favorite mandarin marjoram sweet or tea tree and again they all contain white Terpening and white Terpening is supportive of a healthy immune system and reduces heat and redness in the skin Natalie says Mandarin with a lot of exclamation point and did Caitlyn come back on Caitlyn it is poppin ponies day Lord Caitlin okay tea tree forever Christina says y’all know that I love tea tree because I use it in my laundry and I just grew up using I grew up using tea tree so the aroma is very just like you know just one of those that you’re like oh this reminds me of my childhood and not in a bad way right yeah like if your mom beat you every time she used teachers they might you better not be as good okay hold on life on Mandarin Street says Mandarin cuz I live on Mandarin Street that’s adorable that is fantastic um it’s a good thing you don’t live on like work Street or something okay are you ready ready is there such a thing as Fort Street there’s a rethus street there’s guaranteed to be a ward street here we go we had YouTube Instagram and Facebook did Jerry do that on purpose I don’t know why are you looking at me like that I’m looking at him but since she messed up I don’t I really thought that wasn’t Instagram I would like I’m looking at the dice I know where she was wrong sorry answer I mean I’m not sorry Instagram I’m sorry whatever okay okay when I rolled the dice there was actually two YouTube and one Facebook but i legit thought that the yellow one was instagram so that’s why they’re like looking at the dicen I’m like I’m looking I don’t see what’s wrong with the dice and then I realized I was wrong with the dice so Instagram still get in one that’s right in your defense I mean there’s no way they both well it does have it does like fade like from purple to red Instagram I don’t know okay so jesse has hopped on he’s like how many am i – I don’t know what you’re choosing Jesse Tina I don’t know you probably don’t know one from each this Corolla Deville costumes really throwing me off my game today guys okay where you don’t really ever have game okay it’s not throwing me far I know I’m usually always off in the game um okay so here we go so so far the two winners that jesse has chosen is off of youtube we have a Christie Ruiz Ruiz Ruiz off of Facebook we have Nicole Dagon heart okay and off of Instagram we have sugar tart 33 so congratulations the three of you um please email see us at plant therapy comm confirm your mailing address and then maybe just be like this is what this is the oil that I chose just to remind them and they will get the oils that you chose out of those three sent to you mhm cannot see okay let’s see fact or fiction who’s ready to learn a little bit about peppermint me because I love peppermint factor fear I’m going to read this you tell me in the comment section whether you think this is fact or fiction peppermint is great for congestion and young children fact or fiction I love how they have the answer here they have the answer on the screen they are not confident that I do not know answer they’re not letting me visit fact or fiction if you want to go above and beyond and tell us why in your comment feel free yeah that would be great feel free fact or fiction peppermint is good for congestion in young children right is it is it short no is it not you have like five more seconds one are you seeing some answers Katrina three four five okay the correct answer is fiction doctor dog doctor the doctor thought so couldn’t gum why wouldn’t it be good for man I didn’t see anybody put fact I think nobody most people got that yeah so the reason it is fiction is because peppermint is not considered a kid safe oil so although peppermint is great for congestion it is not great for congestion in young children peppermint has been known to cause breathing problems in some young children some things to note is you know if you did not know that and you’ve been using peppermint around your young children and there’s no side effects and they’re completely fine it’s something that you can continue to use but because we are educating the mass and because you don’t know if your child will have a breathing problem unless you try or not we just recommend it not be used around young children for that reason and in fact a few years ago I had someone local who was you know just starting out using essential oils and knew I worked for plant therapy came up to me and started being you know telling me about their their younger son who just can’t use peppermint and I was like oh you know if she’s telling me that he has a really hard time breathing and and I was like well here’s something to note about peppermint and I explained you know what was going on why we don’t recommend peppermint for young children and she says that makes so much sense because he has allergies and his allergies are way worse in the winter because the cold makes it so it’s harder for him to breathe and it was the same thing that peppermint was doing to his body that the cold weather was and so it’s you know that was an experience that she learned and she no longer was using peppermint um but you know something to know it is great for congestion just not for young children it might not be for young children so we don’t recommend it that makes me wonder how well peppermint would work if so I think one of my kids had a whooping cough or something that just closed them up really bad and walking outside and did that cool air really helped him out yeah maybe yeah so I think um I think you have to be especially careful with that because your body does react a little bit different with like the cold effect that peppermint gives versus like outside in the air and although it made his you know asthma worse um it’s not something that I would recommend you try mm-hmm yeah yeah um GP says no one said fact because PT users are well educated thank you because of of us Thank You GP I also wanted to let GP know that this weekend I this last weekend I went and played or did karaoke with some friends from the Philippines I can’t remember where gp’s from she might not be from the Philippines but she’s gonna say it anyways yes sunny bunny is asking at what kids age is peppermint allowed so plant therapies you know we just keep it simple and anything that’s not marked kids say if we say you can start using at the age of 10 but I do believe that there are some other recommendations you know by experts in the industry that say it possibly can be used at certain dilutions at a younger age but plant therapy likes to keep it simple in our education and so we say 10 and older did you see the ones are the questions about spearmint yes I was just gonna say that so we do have questions saying can use spearmint for respiratory issues too Ashley says what is a good sub that is kids safe so actually that’s the next screen I have you guys so it says what should you use instead um we do there are a lot of options that some of the ones that um you know we might recommend would be balm mint bush Rosalina that’s actually like what is really highly recommended in place of a eucalyptus was which also helped with respiratory concern so Rosaleen is fantastic it contains one a finial but it’s in a small enough percentage that it is safe to you um Cyprus we did an Amazon light this morning on Cyprus and talked about how it’s fantastic for a respiratory support fer natal is also most of the pine needle II oils are really good for respiratory support and most of them are kid-safe as well katrina kaif or thyme says my oldest was so excited to turn 10 because he could finally use my not kid safe oils oh my goodness that is adorable I think like we need to send them like a celebration pack just not all non kids they’ve oils or something go crazy you enjoy those non kid-safe oils that’s pretty adorable it was some Boronia I think yeah that’s pretty adorable okay um so there are some options that you can use instead of peppermint for those that to something like rose oil not at all nope Rosalina is going to be more similar to eucalyptus you’re gonna get that one a tinny although it’s not as strong because I believe Rosalina so eucalyptus is like 98% one night Cindy all right it’s like or 90% it’s a high amount I believe it’s around like 30 or 40% in Rosalina so you’re still gonna get that that’s any all aroma that eucalyptus tea aroma it’s just not going to be as strong but it’s definitely Rosalina is definitely closer to like a eucalyptus compared to a it’s not like floral like a rose how does the peppermint do with headaches would you recommend peppermint for headaches I very much would it is fantastic it can be do note though that some headaches are triggered by sense and so some people have to find a scent that doesn’t trigger their headaches because sometimes peppermint will can make headaches worse on so just be aware of that if you’re using something that can be triggered by sense like a headache then we I would recommend the first time you try and oil do it like in an inhaler or something and don’t apply it topically where it’s harder to get away from right like where you would have to wash up or something do it in a way that if it does start to trigger your headache or does start to make it worse that you can get rid of it and then try it different oil I mean one last question what is IA n spell Ian yes there you go you did a shout out to Ian shout out Christina’s son Ian is watching hi do you like my Cruella de Vil outfit Ian really I shouldn’t have asked you guys if I knew there was a kid watching out I’ve asked them the whole time no kidding an Ian tell us what you’re gonna be for Halloween if your and Ian did you know that Disney is coming out with a new remake of korilla Deville I didn’t know that yeah just like all their other Disney shows so that’s fun and the moms like Ian’s 3 he’s not allowed to watch Corolla Devillier or whatever the show is calls 101 Dalmatians okay um so Petey friends I grabbed this one with the dog Happy Trails it says to all of the amazing people at plant therapy so cute oh we moved to Texas on the almost three years ago and loved to explore our new home state unfortunately our fur baby didn’t do so well on long rides when the pup and pony line came out we just had to give it a try and I’m happy to announce that bull truly is enjoying Happy Trails thank you so much I think his smile says it all this was sent in from misty Sherman and bowl that’s adorable we love Emily you should watch those lives just kidding we love to hear stories like that so thank you for sending that in misty we have a gift for you and it is this right here there’s a necklace there’s some oils some bottles a little pouch pink fuzzy problems zippered pouch to the door oils or lip gloss around whatever you want to start it may be our new lip balms that are wonderful our lip balms okay so if you’re watching email CSS plant therapy comm will also reach out to you if you’re not watching but if you are email them confirm your mailing address we will get the the special gifts you and Danny how can everyone else have a chance to win off of our PT friends wall I’m not sure just kidding you see friends 510 second Avenue South Twin Falls Idaho 8-3 301 send us your pictures your postcards tell us your stories we love hearing from you guys we really do love hearing from you let’s see okay so we are about done with this life we just have our last giveaway but before we do that I just want to give everyone a quick minute to ask any question no besides Katrina just kidding yes Katrina so anybody is asking if you have a kids safe loyal recommendation for a three-year-old with autism so I mean it would depend on specifically what you’re looking for like what concerns you want to address or you know what your needs are but I definitely think that we could find something we have a full line of so we have over 20 kids safe blends plus you know way more kids safe singles than that so I’m sure we could find something that that could help and and it was a three year old daughters that would have said are just three year old this three year old yeah so I’m sure we could but but we would need to know more specifically like if there was a concern you wanted to address or you know what specifically you were using the oil for and we could come up with something so email CS at plant therapy comm and they will be more than happy to help you oh no hold on before Katrina goes let’s see Carol nice is our dog still loud in the PT store well I don’t know I may or may not manage the stores shall I bring him in I don’t know people do okay your turn say smell like a wet dog and daddys allowed on the store then the dogs are wonderfully was is asking is there anything kids safe or breastfeeding safe that smells like cloves she’s having some clove withdraw oh I don’t blame you Oh something spicy is one of our oils of the month are you thinking about pink berries the older one yeah maybe pink berries yeah that is that no kids I don’t know and that’s more like a black pepper so you could try black pepper because it does have that a little bit of that spicy aroma it’s obviously it’s not like a clove substitute but at least as a spice most oils that have a spicy aroma are hot oils which makes them not kid-safe black pepper has a little bit of a spicy aroma but it’s not hot oil and it is kids safe um so I would maybe just try that one what can we we probably it’s on those it’s on the blonde there already um there was a question ginger lily and I have no idea some fruit one eyes or one yeah I like the ginger lily not too fond of it actually man imagine one flower Co – yeah – one flower actually reminds me of a weed that used to grow around our house so that makes me think of my childhood what it wasn’t like a remember pulling weeds and okay so we have a lot of customers asking for an oil the month hint so I’m going to end with that so after the oil of the month hint we’re going to have our final giveaway so make sure you stay for that but the oil of the month hint because I have like I mean a ton almost all of them are asking for that oil of a month hit I gave some hints a couple maybe a few days ago and everyone’s like I think Rita was confused and thought we were talking about October I am NOT confused November is also two oils one is kids safe pregnancy safe all the safes and one is not and one is not it is again two oils Katrina do you have anything else you want to add any any specialty comment no no oh there you have it I don’t go by that November they smell good yeah I smell them do they aren’t yeah cool well there you go they smell good ones kid-safe was not they are a plant therapy products Deb he’s like I knew you weren’t confused I mean it’s okay if you thought I was confused I’m confused a lot but it’s funny I actually went on and I saw that and I was like oh crap did I him so I went back and looked and I was like no it’s November we’re all so I even thought I was confused you guys it’s okay oh my for bees is asking are they single oils yes they are but we’re not giving you any more hints zero that’s a lot of hints you guys know more okay we love you here is your last giveaway question you have until midnight tonight to enter the giveaway for Facebook and YouTube the giveaway link can be found in the description on the live video as well as in the comments section and Instagram it can be found in the plant therapy insta stories and we’ll just have you swipe up on the store and it will take you to the giveaway link so your giveaway question is hold on Kaitlyn is commenting let’s see can you ask Rita to wait Oh apparently I’m in trouble I have to go down to see us after the life I’m nervous Kaelyn it wasn’t me oh you don’t have proof okay overclock so your giveaway question is do you use peppermint in your home if yes what for spiders and we’re gonna give you a peppermint oil so let’s do three winners for the giveaway again you have until midnight tonight so hop on over to the giveaway link tell us if you use peppermint in your home and if you do what for Danny uses it for spiders I’ve used it for spiders lots of times before it’s well I mean there’s lots it’s also wonderful I think I’ve told you before like one of my favorite combinations is like peppermint a citrus and tea tree like peppermint lemon and tea tree or peppermint orange and teacher I think it’s fantastic smells so great it’s really energizing there’s lots of reasons I use peppermint but I’m not entering the giveaway you guys are so go to the link and tell us why you use it if you do okay guys like seriously last chance Monster Mash finally fall make sure you check them out oil of the week chamomile Roman make sure you check out the new body butters we have three of them two scented one unscented they’re wonderful I love seeing the reviews start to come in it’s just fun to see what you guys think of the new products we come out with tomorrow was Halloween so happy Halloween we’ll be back on Friday at 9:30 a.m. mountain time for a new life no we start new lives on we will be it will be new it won’t be an old one yeah if we are starting the holiday DIYs that says yes we are doing Halloween is over holidays well this is we’re not skipping Thanksgiving oh this is very fall so make sure you come and join us Friday 9:30 a.m. mountain time you have a wonderful Wednesday hopefully you don’t all freeze like we’re going to tomorrow on Halloween night have a happy Halloween we’ll see you Friday morning bye everyone.

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is an herb that has been used for thousands of years for many ailments including gas, diarrhea, stomach upset, sleeplessness, and anxiety. It can also be used topically for certain skin lesions. The Chamomile plant has flowering tops and these are what are used for making tea and other herbal remedies that include Chamomile.

When Chamomile tops are stewed and then drained the liquid is a deep yellow color and can be lightly sweetened if preferred. It has a very unique taste to it and many women used to make sure they always had a few baby bottles tucked safely away in the refrigerator in case their baby got gas. It was used before the days of over the counter gas relief drops and although there is no scientific validity to it, it always seemed to make the baby stop wailing and fall fast asleep.

What Is Chamomile Tea Good For?

It was also given to women for menstrual cramps in the days before Midol and Pamprin. Chamomile also has some calming properties to it so it can be very beneficial to sip on during the day if you are feeling anxious or if the muscles in your body are tense from anxiety and stress it is said that Chamomile can help to relieve that.

Chamomile produces an oil that when isolated turns a very unique bluish color and this has very distinct anti-inflammatory properties to it so it has been known to work very well on skin infections, eczema, and inflamed skin. This would be Chamomile in its topical form rather than the flowers or the tea from the flowers. Again, remember that Chamomile was around for a long time before many over the counter and prescription medications were so readily available.

For years all many people had to rely on was herbal remedies that were likely passed down from generations and possibly continued to be passed down even after the newer medications did come to the forefront.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Often when small children had bug bites, diaper rashes, or eczema, the mother would fill a stocking with Chamomile and oatmeal and let it soak in the tub with her children. It was very effective in stopping the itch and improving the diaper rash.

Chamomile was also used in combination with other herbs for a lot of other purposes such as if one felt nauseous, a combination of Chamomile, shredded licorice root, fennel seeds, and peppermint would cure that pretty quickly. Because Chamomile is part of the Ragweed family you should not ingest it if you have an allergy to Ragweed.

Some people love to sip a hot cup of Chamomile tea with no ailments at all, just because they enjoy it. Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to stay away from all herbs but Chamomile is the exception to this rule.

It is completely safe for anyone to drink at any time. It has even been known to help teething babies too. On a final note Chamomile has been known to be an excellent hair conditioner and to sooth scalps. When mixed with a bit of lemon and sunshine it has also been known to give subtle natural highlights to hair.

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