Delicious Low Carb Mac and Cheese Recipes

How To Make Low Carb Macaroni and Cheese

today we’re tackling a low-carb macaroni and cheese stay tuned okay low carb macaroni and cheese I bet you’re gonna guess what’s about to happen here and yes there is some cauliflower involved cauliflower is an easy substitute for pasta and potatoes and some other things but we’ve got a little bit of a trick up our sleeve and the other recipe does not involve cauliflower so stay tuned for that the two recipes that we are testing today the first one comes from keto connect it’s their cauliflower mac and cheese from keto connects calm and I’m going to be listing all the recipes down below in the video description expand the video the description below the video and you’ll see links to all of these recipes the second recipe is called a 30-minute keto zucchini beer macaroni and cheese by the keto Queens so keto zucchini beer macaroni and cheese that just fascinates me and I have to try it there’s not a lot of options when it comes to low carb pasta alternatives there are some recipes for shirataki noodle based macaroni and cheese that really just sort of feels like spaghetti I guess you could say but also not and there so you know shirataki noodles are love it hate it kind of thing so if you want to try some of that basically the cheese sauces can all be intermixed and you just use what you’re going to use for the pasta alternative right now the reason that I chose the keto connect recipe for cauliflower mac and cheese among the bazillion other recipes online for cauliflower macaroni and cheese is one distinct reason and that’s the way they treat the cauliflower yes you can boil it you can steam it you can microwave it but they go a step further and they actually pan roast it in a cast-iron skillet on the stove with bacon before they ever add cheese and other things and put it in the oven now I don’t know how to say this where I’m from macaroni and cheese did not come in a box macaroni and cheese in my house and in my family and everybody’s yeah I think in my family was always made in a casserole dish in the oven you used elbow macaroni noodles and you made your own cheese sauce and you topped it with cheese and you and probably bread crumbs usually and baked it in the oven this sort of scratches my itch for a baked casserole of macaroni and cheese with a gooey melty cheese top and some crispy crunchy cheese on there and all that so we’re gonna get started now with the keto Connect recipe okay so we’ve got our skillet heating here over medium heat and here’s what we’ve done with the cauliflower the point here according to their directions is to break it into macaroni sized pieces and these aren’t big florets as you can see they kind of are about the shape of maybe a little slightly larger of a little elbow macaroni noodles that you would be using to make macaroni and cheese with right so we’ve got about their recipe says six to eight cups of that my head of cauliflower that I purchased was about five five and a half cups so that’s what we’re using here and we’ve also got a little bit of bacon sliced up that’s going to go in this now I’m just going to tell you now I say it every time I do not give specific ingredient amounts when I’m testing recipes because I want you to go to their website these are not my recipes we’re just here to test them I didn’t do the work to create these recipes the people that did create them deserve the traffic so I’m going to tell you what we’re using but if you want specific amounts be sure to check the descriptions down below or the link here at the bottom of the screen to know exactly what the full recipe is so go visit their site find out where to get it so this is keto connect so we’re gonna add this is a couple of slices of bacon to the skillet and our cauliflower so in all this goes and we’re just gonna let this cook down for five or six minutes we’re basically trying to get the bacon cooked and let the cauliflower sort of absorb a little bit of the bacon now we they said you want this al dente because it’s also going in the we’re going to add some more ingredients here in a minute but it’s also going in the oven for 10 minutes so it’s going to do a little more cooking in the oven so right now we just need to let this cook and try to get a little browning on all of this and we’ll be back in just a few minutes [Music] so this has been cooking for about five minutes I did add a little bit of bacon fat to mine I used center cut bacon which doesn’t have a lot of fat in it it’s more meat and then then fat it just was a little bit dry but if you used regular bacon you probably wouldn’t need to add any additional fat so that’s just a caveat there anyway so to this they’re still really crunchy you’re not trying to get this soft yet we’ve got 10 more minutes to cook on this but we’re gonna add a couple of things first of all let’s put some salt and pepper a little bit of salt and pepper you’re gonna also salt and pepper your sauce so don’t go crazy here pepper and here’s where we add some onion and some garlic and again if you want to know exactly how much to use go to their website keto Connect calm look for the macaroni and cheese recipe so we’re gonna add a little bit of onion I try to use white onion it seems to have less sugar less carbs than some of the other onions and then some minced garlic and this can burn this garlic so that’s why you sort of added at the end so be careful keep this moving and now we just saute this over medium heat for 10 minutes and then we’re gonna make the cheese sauce and pour this on top while this is working we’re gonna quickly make the cheese sauce it’s super easy it is just 2 tablespoons of butter some heavy cream again check their website for the exact amounts of these and some sharp cheddar cheese shredded grated cheese so super easy I’m gonna add a little bit of salt to it not much this is gonna go on the back burner on low heat and just kind of keep it moving and this is going to melt down and at the same time that it takes for these to cook for 10 minutes so in 10 minutes I’ll meet you here [Music] okay so this has been cooking for 10 minutes now and as you can see we’ve got a nice toasty caramelized golden brown on this the from the onions really adding a little bit of sugar to it and the the cauliflower you can still feel with your spatula is still out dente and it’s got a bite to it and it’s going to cook for another 10 minutes in a very hot oven for 25 so what we’re going to do now is this is pretty easy this goes into our 8 by 8 casserole pan so in this goes don’t feel any because we worked hard on this gosh that looks good I got to tell you I’m a cauliflower fan I mean I know a lot of people aren’t and you sort of get tiresome you know it gets tiresome after a while but this looks amazing hold on let me get rid of this hot pan all right so to this it’s gonna be easier to do with a smaller spoon in goes our cheese sauce and this is the the heavy cream and melted cheddar and butter and some salt and pepper and in this goes get it all out of there oh my gosh smells divine and here I mean I’m not joking how good it smells okay give this a mix just want to incorporate all of that and to this we’re going to add from shredded cheddar and then that magic fake breadcrumb ingredient that you know what I’m about to pull out pork rinds that’s right even keno Connect knows that crushed pork rinds make a great breadcrumb alternative so I ran these through the food processor earlier they just crushed theirs up in a bag whatever you like you do this will go into a 425-degree oven for about 10 minutes and then you’ll put it under the broiler for about three or four minutes to let this top get crunchy I’m gonna do that I’m gonna set it for the next recipe but I will show you this just as soon as it comes out of the oven so I will meet you back here in just a bit all right guys tell me that doesn’t look good this is beautiful it turned out really really well I’m just gonna put this in a scalding hot be careful of the pork rinds burning you want to watch it when it goes under the broiler I’m gonna put this on the back burner and we’re going to start recipe 2 all right so the cauliflower mac and cheese by keto Connect is cooling on the stove behind us and now we’re turning our attention to the other recipe which is a 30-minute keto zucchini beer macaroni and cheese by the keto Queens again I’m not going to give you specific recipe amounts here go to the keto Queens comm I’m going to put the link in the video description below and it’s well down here on the screen so be sure to check them out there so this is made with zucchini I like zucchini I don’t know how it’s going to turn out as a macaroni substitute but we’re here to find out and I was very intrigued by the beer so let’s see what happens so this starts with a couple of teaspoon of sorry a couple of tablespoons of fat in the pan they said you can use ghee or bacon grease bacon fat because we used bacon in the other recipe just to keep the profiles flavor profile similar for protesting this I’m going to use the bacon fat so that’s what we’re gonna do and then we are just going to cook this onion once this sort of gets hot we’re gonna cook a little bit of onion again white onion until this gets get soft you know three to five minutes okay so now that these onions have done their thing here for about four and a half five minutes we are now going to add our zucchini in alright so in this goes right into the skillet and just keep this moving this is only going to cook four to five minutes [Music] okay so these have cooked for about five they actually took about seven minutes for mine turn this down back down to medium and then we’re just going to reserve this in a bowl so take this up let me get a hot pad so I can use this reserve this back in the bowl that the things came from the vegetables came from and to this pan go put it back on the medium heat and here’s where the beer comes in we’re gonna deglaze this pan and get any kind of Fond or brown bits off so this is it’s not much beer at all you can also use vegetable stocks you said I bet white wine would be good anything just to sort of clean up this pan and add a little bit of punch in flavor too what sometimes is sort of a fairly benign vegetable in taste so scrape up from the bottom try to get any brown bits that may have attached there and to this we are now going to add cream cheese and whisk this in this is gonna take a little time cuz that cream cheese is chilled probably been easier if I had cut them into smaller pieces okay now once you’ve got this cream cheese worked into that beer we’re gonna start adding the cheese a little bit of the thyme a little bit at a time and letting this melt okay once we’re working in this cheddar cheese and while it’s melting we’re gonna add a couple of little key ingredients one of those is one of my favorites in macaroni and cheese and it kind of goes into every macaroni and cheese recipe I’ve probably ever made and that is Dijon mustard just just a bit I mean she calls for it like a half teaspoon you don’t need much but it really adds Azim that you can’t get in any other way except for Dijon mustard and then too this also goes our spices salt pepper and paprika if you want to know how much visit her link down below okay from here we’re supposed to add the vegetables to an eight by eight or nine by nine baking dish and then cover with cheese sauce and mix it’s sort of pointless to do that because I’ve got a I’ve got a skillet right here so let’s just do it in the skillet because this is gonna go this doesn’t cook in the oven it cooks under the broiler for just a few minutes like it’s done there is no more cooking we just whoops we just need to heat heat up melt the cheese on top so mix this through get all this nicely combined a little Parmesan cheese to the top of this this is what’s going to give us a little crispy kind of crunchy coating spread this out and then this goes under the broiler for just a few minutes until this gets browned and bubbly and golden on top and I’m gonna do that now and then I’m gonna let them both cool the other ones cool but I’m gonna let some cool down just a bit so that I can taste it and I will meet you back here in five four three two all right guys done time our macaroni and cheeses are done our macaroni and cheese I guess you could say this is the keto connect recipe and this is the keto Queens recipe and just so we can get L on the same page here according to the recipe developers keto connect says that there there’s four servings in this so you would you would divide that in half and then half again per serving it’s 315 calories there’s 25 and a half grams of fat there’s seven and a half grams of total carbs you’ve got two grams of fiber for a total of about five-and-a-half carbs per serving net carbs and protein is 16 and 1/2 carbs now this is the keto Queens recipe again check there all of these recipes down below this is the 30 minute keto zucchini beer macaroni and cheese and this also makes four servings so even though this is a little wider it should have been in an 8×8 pan here but this is 373 calories you’ve got 31 and a half grams of fat there are seven point eight total carbs and fiber you got one point eight for total of six net carbs per serving and protein is fifteen point one so really only about a half carb difference between per serving between these two recipes so the only way to test what these taste like is to just do it so let’s serve some up all right I’m gonna get in here this is the keto Connect recipe first it has already been cooling on the back so it won’t be too scalding hot now see that’s one serving there but I’m not gonna put all of that in my testing bowl okay the crunchy top looks really good and oh it smells good already and then I’m also gonna serve up a little bit of this this is the zucchini this is already I can tell you it’s much softer it hasn’t cooled quite as long now I’ll be very honest this will firm up a little bit more as it cools but zucchini is just a wetter vegetable that has more liquid than than a cauliflower especially cauliflower that has been dry pan-roasted like we did with the bacon so let’s come in here let’s see what we got all right that’s the the Kino connect got a crispy gonna get it near my microphone crispy top and look at that the little pieces of quote macaroni are the cauliflower pieces you know we we broke up to be about thumbnail size about a size of an elbow macaroni to give it a that texture and shape it’s still warm mmm-hmm I knew that was gonna be good before I put it in my mouth the whole house smells like this that is excellent that is excellent the size of the macaroni being like thumbnail size of the cauliflower makes it feel like macaroni that has a lot a lot of flavor the garlic the onion the bacon really really good okay here’s our zucchini beer macaroni and cheese and this is a little more liquid there’s no crunchiness to the top it is hotter than the other one so hold on let’s try to get some cheese in it this had some other things some other spices Dijon mustard which I love that’s very good very very tasty both of these are fantastic they both feel like completely different dishes do either one of them taste like my grandma’s mac and rollin and cheese that she might you know no they don’t I mean they’re reminiscent of that but I mean nothing’s going to take that pasta bite away that that we love the closest to that is by far the cauliflower version and I’ve got to tell you that the keto Connect their little trick of pan roasting that in this thing and getting some color on it before you put it in the casserole pan and put it in the oven that’s the trick I think if I had boiled that or steamed that or microwaved that and done the exact same recipe I don’t think it would have nearly as much flavor we developed a lot of flavor in that pan while it was working for 10 minutes 15 minutes actually and that’s where all that flavors come from this I like the sauce in this the flavors in the sauce because of that little bite of the Dijon I would call this as wonderful it is it as it is I would call this zucchini Greta our zucchini all gratin right it just is it’s softer zucchini is a wetter vegetable than the cauliflower it is very very good this is the least like macaroni and cheese of the two what I would do is take the paprika and the Dijon and add it to the keto Connect recipe with the breadcrumbs pork runs on the breadcrumbs that’s doggone good I got to tell you like I’m this sort of scratches my itch for for macaroni and cheese mm-hmm especially that hmm especially that brown top holy smokes that is fantastic got to give this one the keto Connect keto Queens if that have been called 30 minute Sookie Tigre tan it would be a winner in the gratin category so there you have it folks low carb macaroni and cheese it can kind of be done and I got to tell you this would go great with my low-carb cornbread dressing recipe I’ll leave a link to that on one of these corners over here I put that up last year it’s southern cornbread dressing and if you know what dressing is then you know what I’m talking about and look at the comments and you’ll see that a lot of people are raving about it and I think it’s fantastic so pair that with one of these dishes maybe both of those get your turkey ready and you’re ready for Thanksgiving Christmas or really any family gathering these are both fantastic options as I say every time these videos are away from me to maintain my low-carb way of eating and looking into the end of that camera every week or two as soon as I can get to you helps keep me honest so I appreciate that you’ve come along for the journey thank you for that if you’re not a subscriber here hit the subscribe button down below this is basically a half hour cooking show every week or two where we find the best low carb recipes this internet has to offer pit them against one another and we declare a winner if you’re already a subscriber make sure you’ve hit the bell button down below that’ll let you know just as soon as I release the video also check out my page on account I’ll leave a link down below somewhere here or also in the video description if you don’t know what patreon is think of it as the tip jar for the internet it allows people like you who like what people like me are doing here on YouTube and you can give a dollar two or three a month whatever you feel comfortable with and it just sort of helps keep this train on the tracks otherwise I’ll meet you back here next week for another low card battle thanks guys I’ll see you soon

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