What is the Best Way to Perform Dumbbell Curls

What is the best way to perform dumbbell curls, standing or seated?

Although there are a few types of dumbbell curls, I suggest performing dumbbell curls while standing to get the most out of the exercise.

Executing dumbbell curls from a standing position as opposed to seated or on the biceps curl machine will allow your body to move naturally during the exercise and enable you to handle heavier weights. This is an important point to consider because more overload equals more muscle stimulation.

It’s a good idea to stay away from variations of exercises that limit the amount of weight you can use. Just ask yourself the simple question, “Will this particular variation of the exercise allow me to handle more or less weight while performing the same motion?” The answer to that question should help you pick the more effective exercises for maximum muscle stimulation.

Again- it’s the overloading of the muscle that makes the difference in muscle growth. You want to put the muscle under the most stress that you can at that moment to force it to grow. Why would you put yourself in a position or angle where you’d need to use less weight? It just doesn’t make sense because angles and variations don’t really affect muscle growth.

Yes, you can do seated dumbbell curls, but you’ll need to use less weight. Less weight = less stimulation and overload = less growth over time.