Elliptical Machine- The Ultimate Buyer Guide

So you want to get in shape fast, so you think to yourself…

What is the best elliptical, and where do I buy an elliptical machine?

Well, we’ve got you covered! Let us help you with a little background research to learn about the types of elliptical’s so you know exactly what you’re looking for, and then you can make a smart selection. After you’ve done a little reading you can see the best selection on amazon at our link here.




Video Transcript

Innovative design expert engineering solid construction and a field that is smooth and comfortable that’s what makes precor equipment stand above the rest from the moment you step on precor fitness equipment you feel the difference it’s a difference that comes from more than 30 years of providing fitness equipment to the finest health clubs hotels recreation centers military installations and homes the world over a difference that comes from our single-minded dedication to innovation and quality and our focus on matching the movements of the human body founded in nineteen eighty outside of Seattle Washington precor rapidly became the unrivaled innovator in the fitness industry in 1981 we introduced the world to the first organ ama clean sound rowing machine in 1990 we created the first cushion treadmill to reduce stress on your body in 1995 we forever transformed the way you work out by introducing the first-ever elliptical cross-trainer in 2005 we launched the first functional trainer for home use in 2007 we continued our legacy of first introducing the award-winning adaptive motion trainer and in 2011 we again transformed how you will work out by launching priva network fitness and health clubs worldwide providing you a new level of personalized fitness from the very beginning precor has designed with the human body in mind you’ll feel the comfort in every piece of precor equipment from elliptical cross trainers that move smoothly in sync with the natural rhythm of your stride providing a low-impact workout that reduces stress on your muscles and tendons two treadmills that absorb impact so your body doesn’t have to adjust felt speed to the natural pace of your stride for more comfortable workout from strength systems that adjust to fit your body providing you with ergonomic Lee correct training to the revolutionary adaptive motion trainer which responds to your body’s movements on-the-fly providing a personalized workout every time we subject our equipment to the most rigorous testing both in our labs and health clubs the world over where precor equipment stand up to years of repetitive use these same patented technologies including the ground effects impact control technology on our treadmills and our elliptical cross ram technology can be found in the club quality equipment available for your home [Music] I’m Michael which win and you’re looking at the brand-new schwinn 470 elliptical packed with innovative features great feedback from our customers improved our 2013 display and resulted in our brand-new dual-track monitoring system now you can watch movies on your iPad or read on your Kindle while charging the device and still easily view your results from 13 workout metrics the new monitors also provide motivation through every workout 229 exercise programs for user settings and gold tracking to measure progress what’s great is that you’ll never outgrow this product because your fitness level increases you can choose from up to 25 levels of eddy current resistance the quietest and smooth resistance available when it comes to comfort this elliptical has it all 20-inch precision past ride with six ram positions large foot place to position your feet 3-speed bank keeps you cool during intense workouts and transport wheels for easy moving integrated heart rate sensors mean you can also get a quick check to make sure you’re in the optimum fat burning zone the best results possible don’t like headphones we’ve incorporated new sealed acoustic chamber speakers to deliver a bigger and better quality of sound that ever before last but not least with the all new schwinn connect technology you can sync your workout results to the swing Connect website and best of all she wins partner with the top rated at myfitnesspal now you can effortlessly sync your workout and nutrition data to your free My Fitness Pal account in no time you’ll be tracking your activity monitoring personal best and sharing goals with friends and family thanks for considering the schwinn 470 elliptical I love the endurance 520 e because it delivers a full body workout at a really affordable price and it integrates the latest technology with the tablet holder i can watch my favorite shows are connected my friends while i work out learning even more calories and my elliptical is easy i can increase and reduce inclined five adjustable positions with I think compatibility my training has changed completely I can train anywhere in the world the streets of Italy the winding Swiss Alps anywhere i choose i don’t have to focus on specific muscles the soft-touch grips work my arms and core as well so i get a full body workout with one machine and nothing else gets me moving like music so the ipod compatible sound system keeps me energized and it charges my devices i exercise and with 18 professionally-designed workout apps to choose from I get a different effective workout each day of the week the adjustable strive is great so i can get the stride length that’s customized for how I move i can also progress through 18 resistance levels to increase my workout intensity and burn more calories the magnetic resistance is smooth and frictionless so nothing interrupts my workout and with the dual grip heart rate monitors I can always see that I’m staying within my targets only had to have confidence in my machine with a lifetime for a moment for me the 520 elliptical from Proform is the obvious choice it delivers a low-impact full body workout that helps me to reach my fitness goals [Music] what type of workout feels best to you an elliptical help you exercise longer will it take to reach your fitness goals at sole fitness we ask these questions every day because it’s old we believe that the quality of the equipment affects the quality of the work out so ellipticals give you a high-intensity workout with low impact on your body in fact our front drive elliptical line has received numerous bestbuy reviews from leading consumer magazines and consumers alike we’ve designed a long 20-inch drain me mental up to 22 inches when you increase the incline so you can enjoy a full range of motion helping you to build long lean muscles so ellipticals use strong electromagnets with a heavy aluminum flywheel to give you frictionless resistance for a smoother workout with minimal jarring and with the super quiet whisper drive you can listen to your music on the sole fitness integrated soundsystem plug in your audio device and hear the music of your choice the soul elliptical is designed to wrap around you so you can forget about the Machine and focus on your fitness experience the newly-designed handlebars feature multigrid positions so you can find the grip that feels best we’ve also enhanced the LCD display it’s more vibrant informative and visually accessible the LCD display tilt easily to match your eyeline bringing your stats & information to you so ellipticals also have inclined and resistance controls built directly into the arms so you can adjust your workout without slowing down for releasing your hands from a stable contact point design jointly by engineers and physical therapist the soul elliptical foot pedals tilt inward slightly to match your natural warm all three percent adjustment makes the Machine adjust to you and not the other way around to avoid numbness in your toes the articulating foot petals of a soul elliptical can be tailored to match your movements precisely accommodating high arches or flat feet so you can work out longer and more comfortably than any other elliptical sole fitness offering the finest cardiovascular equipment around. 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What To Look For When Buying An Elliptical Trainer – 6 Must-Have Features

Buying an elliptical trainer but not sure where to start? Elliptical machines have come a long way over the years with more toys, features and design options than ever before.

That’s good news – but it can be bad news too if it ends up confusing you with all of your options.

Not to worry though – when you know what to look for you’ll easily be able to spot a high quality crosstrainer and find the best elliptical for your home.



So with that in mind, here are 6 must-have features to look for when buying an elliptical trainer:

#1 Stride

Stride length is the furthest length between the pedals. A longer stride of 18 to 20 inches will more fully work your lower body muscles and feel much more natural.

A shorter stride of around 14 to 17 inches can feel uncomfortable and unnatural for many people. Not surprisingly, cheaper ellipticals (like the ones you find in many department stores) usually give you a 14 or 15 inch stride – which gives you a less effective workout.

So look for a stride of around 18 to 20 inches. Some home ellipticals also give you varying strides or adjustable strides so everyone in the family can choose a stride that feels right for them.

#2 Incline

Incline is similar to the incline on a treadmill. It changes the slope of your elliptical pathway. The advantage to this is that you end up working different muscle groups – and getting a better crosstraining workout overall.

Not all crosstrainers have incline included. However if you want the most effective workout, incline is a great option to have.

#3 Console

There are a range of many different consoles on home elliptical trainers today – and much of this is up to you as to what kind of look you prefer. However you do want to look for a few specific features here.

First of all, you want a backlit console. Non-backlit consoles often come on cheaper machines and they can make your workout stats almost impossible to read.

Also look for a console that gives a constant feedback of your workout stats – it doesn’t toggle back and forth – which can be annoying.

The console should also have an easy to reach stop and start button for safety reasons.

#4 Resistance

Resistance is not the same as incline. Resistance makes it harder to pedal – letting you add some high calorie burning intervals to your workout.

Most elliptical machines do come with resistance today. However you do want to make sure you’re getting multiple levels of resistance – so you have room to grow.

For example a machine with 20 levels of resistance is better than a crosstrainer with 12 levels of resistance. You don’t want to top out at the highest resistance level within the first month.

Keep in mind that as you workout, your fitness levels will greatly improve as your body gets stronger and into better shape. So you want to make sure you have lots of room to grow with your trainer when it comes to resistance.

#5 Arm Bars

Most home elliptical trainers these days also incorporate upper body arm bars.

However you also want to look for things like padded arm bars or arm bars with resistance controls on them – so you don’t have to reach up to the console to change the settings.

#6 Toys

This is the fun stuff. Elliptical trainers today come will all sorts of extras that can make your workouts more fun and enjoyable.

For example you can get trainers with iPod docks and speakers so you can play your favorite tunes. You can find consoles with built-in web browsers or tablet holders above the console – so you can surf the net or watch movies as you workout.

You can also find online tracking options so you can track your workouts over time to see how far you’ve come – which is super-motivating.

The great thing about the toys is that they are what often gets us excited about exercising and using the elliptical. But when you see just how far these toys can take you, it’s also really inspiring to see how much you can accomplish!

So those are 6 must-have features when buying an elliptical.

Keep these things in mind and you’re guaranteed to find a high quality crosstrainer that can keep you strong and healthy for years to come!

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