A Fun and Engaging Fitness and Nutrition Program

I’m sitting here with a blank sheet of paper and pen in hand to kick off a fun and engaging fitness and nutrition program. Truthfully, that would be metaphorical, as I’m actually sitting with a black glossy keyboard and optical mouse in front of a large monitor. I’m trying away with some African chill out tunes rolling through the speakers from YouTube. Good stuff- look it up.

Anyway, I rolled out of bed this morning feeling pretty fresh and spiffy. I got out of bed this without having to pee. I mean, I had to go, but I didn’t get out of bed with the sole reason being that I needed to hit the head. This is a good thing. Why? Because it means I got out of bed with purpose. Rolled over, put feet on floor, and continued to move.

I can show you a thing or two about a thing. Or two? Actually today I feel I have five good fitness and nutrition zingers in me. This is the bonus round, baby. It doesn’t happen often… but when it does… hold on to your seat. Or hat. Or if you’re standing hat less, grab your junk.


A Fun and Engaging Fitness and Nutrition Program

First thing you want to do to get the ball rolling in the morning is write out what the heck you want to accomplish- the night before. That’s right. Have everything planned out and on paper for when you’re done taking that morning leak- and before you put on the radio, TV, read the Daily News or check the score from the game last night.

Before you absorb any junk that’s gonna throw your brain off course for the rest of the day, you want to have the day lined up. on paper. Nothing fancy. Can be a yellow sticky. Can be a notebook. Doesn’t matter what it’s on. What DOES matter is that you’re able to gloss over bullet points of the day so you can be prepared. Like a Boy scout. They can make fire without a match, ya know?

Second point here is get the heck out of bed as soon as that alarm goes off. Or the canary. Or rooster. or dog. Or miniature human being related to you somehow. When those eyes open, it’s time. Train yourself to do this. It’ll get stronger over time. You’ll really feel good about it too! You’ll think “hey, I saved an extra 9 minutes or so on that snooze button”. And, that time adds up. To 3285 minutes in a year. I know because I just reached over to my calculator and tapped in 9 times 365. And i just reached over again and divided by 60 (minutes) and you get an extra 54.75 hours per year. That’s almost 55 hours!

Take that info and do what you want. I’ll sit here and wait.

Up next, my third point. It’s like a three pronged attack. I’m going to trademark that and sell it as a product on an infomercial like Tom Vu. I’ll have hot women in bikini’s hanging out on my rented yacht and everything. 80’s style bikini’s rules.

Drink water. Lots of it. Get the machine moving and brush out all the gunk that may have settled in the body and bloodstream overnight. Especially if you’ve eaten a bunch of fatty and salty food. Or perhaps enjoyed more than one adult beverage. If that’s the case, you may even be thirsty and/or have a woodpecker banging away on your frontal lobe (headache?). Now you’re playing defense and trying to catch up while behind. Not where you want to be, playa! Next time ease up on the crap food- moderate yo fine self. Also, one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage and you’ll be good.

Finally points 4 and 5-  brush yo damn teeth and use the bathroom!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this kick off to a Fun and Engaging Fitness and Nutrition Program.