Kayak Buying Guide- The Ultimate Resource

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So you’ve stumbled upon this page thinking..

Where to buy a kayak?

Well, you’re in the right place! First thing you need to do is a little research to learn about the types of kayaks so you know exactly what you’re looking for, and then you can easily make the purchase. We’ve got you covered on this page with the research. When you’re ready you can check out the best selection on amazon at our link here.

where to buy a kayak


Kayak Purchase Guide

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What’s up everybody is trip with say the search here on YouTube and today I will be answering a very popular question when i get a lot in comments and emails and stuff like that and this one in particular came from mark Silver’s on YouTube he said I don’t want to spend a lot of money just now so could you recommend a decent kyak well you know that’s the same question that I say that I had whatever i started time they want to get in the kayaking and I decided to buy you and I think that’s a great choice for anyone no matter how much money you have you know if you had wanted to buy a new one i would say hold off and by usual kayaks for sale I’m gonna tell you want first off there’s no need to spend a lot of money on some of that you’re not sure about and yet you may be sure you want to go kayaking you know you know which is awesome great but you’re probably not sure what type of kind you want and you think you are going to change your mind so no need to go out and spend a lot of money on a nice new fancy kayak if you just know it well you know this one over here with it a little better and then your resale value is just perfect to figure out okay what kind of got going to need that all depends on how you’re going to use it and i did a video a little while bag on sit in verses sit on top and kind of answers those questions or help now you’re going to be camping you’re going on long trips are you going to be fishing predominantly how about just floating down the river or taking the kids down the river or something or floating upon there’s a lot of a lot of different kayaks out there lot of different models that are built specifically or maybe not specifically but are better suited for different things me personally I going on adventures I like camping how am I going long distances and going places where there are a lot of people and so the city kayak and stuff with the best for me and the Tory type the longer sit in kayak so that’s right here but we’re going to share with you in this video can apply to any kayak me personally my first three kayaks we’re all used there’s two of them here another one I’ve already sold for pretty much what i paid for it so I didn’t lose any money in my learning curve to learn to what I want and what I need and what kind of like best fits me that’s kayak want to just buying use you can buy type without having a whole lot of fear and it not be exactly what you want this easy just to throw back on craigslist wherever you bought it from and sell it again and you want to have a new kayak the one that I predominately used now this great one back here and that thing it’s a little nervous system solution to and it’s I think it’s over 15 years old and a hundred percent sure but it’s an older kind but it’s still in great usable condition and you know this one there’s a perception sea lions shadow and it’s newer than that one but I like the other one better that we’ve got a real comfortable seat so where do you go to buy one well I bought online on craigslist and i sold my first on craigslist sup homie tandem island and they sell pretty quick and there’s a lot on there there’s a lot of clients on craigslist to choose from and some really good price how do you know what it’s a good price well to figure that out I would google let’s say you’re bi and within the system solution to you found one on craigslist well I get on google and say wilderness systems solution to for sale find some comparable and be sure you’re not overpaying for the time wherever you find one that you like read some reviews on that’s pretty important i would say more so with the sit inside kayak because a lot of these longer to realize they could be more sighs specific as in they make different sizes of them I know different links but I’m talking about like this I them for different sized people you know they have a small large and an extra large know kind of that that type of sock you need to figure that out before you commit because you may drive three hours and get there and you won’t be able to fit it or they’ll just be Bob’s a room and you can use a lot smaller kind of which will be better suited for you and handle then whatever I want to figure that out I go and I read reviews on it like over a paddling . net they have a lot of different reviews on a lot of different kayaks and most people put like I’m 5 10 170 pounds you know blah blah blah and his kite basically perfectly so that’s a good suggestion there that you need to do you take advantage of that little tidbit that could be a costly mistake especially if you’re buying new if you buy new and you don’t really know what you’re doing well that would not be good all right so you bought your kayak off craigslist now use it learn you know learn what you doing what you don’t like about that time so you can apply that to your next purchase and keep on learning keep reading articles keep reading reviews about different kayaks get on track and websites and just read and just have a blast it on YouTube and of course watch that in such videos along with a lot of other good packing videos that are out that learn learn learn and to really be able to pin down what topic I you want for the long term what you want to really invest in now you think you’ve got to figure it out you think you know the kayak that will fit you just perfectly well i would suggest buying it used one more time because it may not be perfect and if you don’t like it you can resell it no problem you really need to find your happy place before you go to spend a lot of money on a kayak me in my situation where I’m at I pretty sure i found the type of conduct that I like and I’m ready to buy new or like new if i can find one that is like new and a newer model I’ll buy it but sometimes it can be tough to find but if you’re picky like I am but I so that’s right dicks sporting good canoes at this great back here I do like it I love the kayak but one of the things i want to step up to the new one it’s just like newer cars here they all serve the same function you know an old car so the same function as a new car and get you from A to B well thanks very much the same way with the new cars you know they have I don’t know what all the cards have these days pelican kayaks love all the fancy stuff with kayaks have new features as well like some things I’m looking forward to our new hatches there are new hatch covers the easier to get out of and more comfortable and more adjustable seats and a little cooler straps on there just it just makes things a little easier these two tags here got them at great deals or I think they were great deals and I’ll be able to easily sell them for exactly how much money i have it and then use that to go towards a new nice type that I’ll hopefully keep for a lot longer time which I’ve had these for what two years a year and a half maybe a year I don’t know something like that well these die sweet tart kayaking yes I watched it already you already want to start acting you’ve already got the book it’s a good bug it’s a good book so if you have any buying or selling tips to share hey leave them in the two person kayak academy if you have some buying experience as you want to share and enlighten us all could really do a lot of learning down in the comments then please feel free to share I would love to know if you’re someone else would love to know as well thank you guys for watching I’ve got a few little updates for you i just ordered some salient such bumper stickers are going to be sweet for me sweet had someone ask about them I was like wow that’s pretty good idea well I don’t like to get some bumper sticker so I’ve got some coming if you want one they’ll be here soon sweet be slapped him on the old kayak it’s gonna be awesome so much fun one piece left on your kayak to but if you haven’t already check out 2 person kayak sailing and such and subscribe to a lot of real fun adventures i have a great time a lot of times everybody’s laughing at me because I did some silly things but i had fun doing them so that’s what it’s all about right and going to be doing more and more ventures in the future so subscribe and stay tuned for that and more gear talking this right here you know this little honest all between me and you you can learn so you can not make the same mistakes that I’ve made because i have made some mistakes in my life I’ll admit it in my kayak experiences and life in general portrait check out sailing – I’m slowly building it and it’s growing and just eventually it’s just gonna be a lot of great resources there and you can just go and learn and stuff and like I told you to do when you don’t worry about kayaks and such , when they will be just the sub actually probably not we’ll just be a little place a little youth kayak get pieces of great information though honest information hey check us out on Facebook to go over there like the page join in on some conversations and learn where I’m going next and what I’m planning a kind of share some stuff there and also if you enjoy my videos and doing this channel and want to consider supporting our channel check our patreon page and divide bumper sticker so hey thanks for watching appreciate it of this video kind of help answer a few questions and got more videos coming up going to be good to get better baby let’s rock and roll thank you all for watching fishing kayak.

Helping You to Choose the Right Portable, Rigid, Folding or Inflatable Kayak

It’s tough choosing a kayak especially your first kayak and there are a lot of questions that need to be explored and answered like: What is the right style or design for you? Pricing out what you can really afford? What type of kayaking are you going to be doing most of the time? The intent of this article is to help you make a good choice based on your research while you are shopping for your kayak. Here are a few guide lines and tips to follow, so let’s get started….

First you need to know all the basic construction categories you will run into. There are basically three types of kayak structural classifications:

1. Hard Shell or Rigid kayaks, which can be made up of either:

· plastic,
· fiberglass,
· Kevlar,
· carbon fiber
· Wood.

2. Folding kayaks.

3. Inflatable kayaks.

The rigid (hard shell) kayak is what most people think of when they hear the word kayak. Of the various Hard Shell models, a plastic kayak is usually the least expensive but also can be the heaviest. They are usually tough and can take the abuse, but if they get damaged, they are very difficult to repair if at all.

A fiberglass Kayak will be a much more expensive model than a plastic model, but is significantly lighter. Fiberglass can be easier to damage, but can also be easier to repair (can be expensive) compare to the plastic version.

Composite types such as Kevlar, graphite and carbon fiber will be even more expensive and lighter still and more costly to repair once damaged then the other two mentioned already.

Wooden kayaks are the original and hand-made quality model. A smooth, warm wood kayak can be a beautiful thing. The prices on wood boats vary considerably. They are easy to repair but do require lots of routine maintenance like an ordinary boat would. Need to be stored properly and the quality can vary as well – depending on the craftsmanship.

Folding kayaks offer the advantage of easy portability and storage. A folding kayak is a collapsible – made of fabric stretched over usually an aluminum frame – but that can vary. Their price is on the expensive side when comparing kayak prices, but they tend to last longer than a typical hard-shell and their resale price usually remains reasonable (depends on the care it received over the years).

They are tough, flexible, stable and seaworthy, but the general consensus is that they lack a bit of the speed and performance vs. a hard-shell. Like wooden kayaks, folding kayaks bring a sense of the past North American native culture to them.

Now Inflatable kayaks offer the best portability of all the models and ease of storage.


They can be the least expensive kayaking option – especially when you consider all the options like storage, portability and maintainability. Thousands of people have been using inflatable kayaks for years and have grown to appreciate how easy they are to get them into the water and back out.

After it dries off, how easy it is to store them in your boat carry storage bag which then can be put in either the trunk of your car or once home in a storage closet. Inflatable Kayaks have come a long way and are very sturdy and safe to us. Both US Coast Guard and various rescue crews have used inflatable boats and kayaks for years.

But, as important as the structural makeup of the kayak is, kayaks are typically classified to the type of kayaking they’re designed to do. Kayaks built for touring are much different from those for whitewater paddling.

There isn’t any single kayak that will excel in every type of paddling category. As you shop for your kayak, you need to anticipate your future paddling style and then select a kayak that should perform well in that primary kayak category but also keep in mind your skill level and price range as well.

Now there are kayaks out there – especially in the inflatable kayak category that lends itself better to multiple styles/designs then their counter parts. So if you are not sure if you will be using your kayak in any one particular category, consider some high quality companies like Sea Eagle, Innova, Airis and Advance Elements to name a few who use a lot of cross over inflatable kayaks to fit multiple needs.

But keep in mind that they will not excel in all categories, they still focus on one particular category but do well in other categories better then most. So focus still on a particular category.

What kind of kayaking will you be doing?

You want to get a kayak that is well-suited for the type of kayaking you plan on doing most of the time. This is one of the most important factors you’ll need to consider; to determine what kind of paddling you will be doing and how often you will be doing it – White-Water (how advance), Touring, fishing, only ocean kayaking or just casual kayaking.

There will be times you will try to do all three but just be cautious – especially if you start out with casual kayaking and then decide to go to Category IV Whitewater kayaking – make sure your kayak can handle Advance Whitewater kayaking.

If you are a beginner or your skill level is not where you want it to be perhaps start out with a kayak that is geared to a more causal kayaking style/design with perhaps the rating to handle a mild to moderate whitewater level so as your skill levels improve you have a kayak that will get you to that level. When you get to the more seasoned pro level then trade it in for a kayak that can handle some serious white water rapids.

Your experience as a kayaker counts

An experienced kayaker when shopping for their kayak, will most likely look for different qualities in a boat than a beginner kayaker would. An experienced person will usually look for what they call a kayak with good final stability, while the beginner will more or less value good initial stability – less tipsiness.

The tipsiness that is normal for all kayaks with low initial stability makes beginners uncomfortable and shy away, but it is this tipsiness that generally indicates a kayak has greater final stability, something advanced kayakers value when they’re handling bigger waves.

[Further clarification on stability: Initial stability is the tendency of the kayak to lean or shift away from an upright position. Final stability is the tendency of the boat to actually tip over. A boat with good final stability that seems tippy will be more forgiving by staying in a leaning position instead of tipping over. A boat can’t have both good initial stability and good final stability – it’s pretty much one or the other. The hull shape will determine what kind of stability the boat has.

Another issue with stability is its comparison to speed. A highly stable kayak will usually not be the faster kayak on the water. Typically, the stable kayak will be wider and slower than the narrower faster kayak].

An experienced kayaker more or less prefer a tighter cockpit, while a beginner will usually prefer a larger one making it easier to get in and out of the kayak. Still other beginners may be concerned about either escaping from a tipped-over kayak or being forced to successfully perform what is referred to as an Eskimo roll in order to get back above the surface.

If this is a concern, then perhaps a sit-on-top model with a recessed seat and foot-wells may be a great choice or perhaps going with an inflatable kayak which have multiple air chambers for redundancy which results in greater stability than rigid kayaks.

With more stability, unlike rigid kayaks, inflatable kayaks are very easy to get into from the water and less tendency to capsize in difficult paddling conditions.

Need to consider – Storability, Portability and Weight

It’s a known fact that kayaks are going to be out of the water more than in the water, and so you will need to think about how to store your kayak, transport it, and how you are going to get it in and out of the water. If this is another big concern, then a portable and/or good-quality inflatable kayak would be the perfect option. Another option would be to purchase the lightest/smallest hard shell you can afford.

Need to decide: one person (solo) or two person, cargo capacity and/or comfort

There are one person kayaks and there are two person kayaks. They both have their advantages. A two person kayak can be perfect for couples and families. Kayakers of different skill levels and ages can pair up so that everyone can join and not be left behind. Here you can turn a kayak adventure into a fun family adventure.

Two person kayaks are fast and stable, but will lack some of the maneuverability of a solo kayak. Also, purchasing risk come into play when buying double vs. solo kayak. Make sure that your kayaking partner is as enthused and motivated as you are with kayaking. Don’t find out afterward that you are the only real enthusiast because a neglected 2-person kayak hanging in the back of a lonesome garage is not a pretty sight nor is constantly seeing your 2 person kayak carry bag taking up space in your car trunk.

If you decide on a single (solo), make sure that it has enough storage capacity for whatever gear you are going to need and bring along. Space shouldn’t be much of an issue for just afternoon kayaking, but if you’re going to take long trips with your kayak (camping/fishing), adequate cargo capacity must be available.

Don’t forget about your seating needs you want it to be comfortable and supportive. Whitewater kayakers prefer a snug fit, while touring kayakers prefer something with more room, allowing room to stretch and change positions on longer trips. Check out kayaks that come with upgrade seating if you can afford it.

Available Options

A spray skirt, deck fittings, flotation bags and a handy holder for your water bottle are all options to consider. Having the right options can make a difference in your kayaking enjoyment.

An important option to consider is a rudder. There are pros and cons about the necessity of having a rudder. A beginner would consider having one while the advance kayaker won’t.

The argument is, if a rudder helps, then use it. Most would agree, that in certain conditions, such as when strong winds and waves are unrelenting, that a rudder should provide just the right amount of course correction necessary to allow the paddler to focus more on their stroke or the scenery instead of their tracking which is what the rudder or skeg improves upon.


Last but not least pricing – the other most important factors. After you have decided on what style of kayak to purchase, price will be the biggest factor in determining exactly which model to buy (what you can really afford). An entry-level plastic kayak can be as low as $350. Other plastic models can run as high as $1800. Fiberglass boats will cost from about $1000 to $3000. Other more exotic composite boats will cost as much or possibly even more.

Inflatable boats can start at about $200 and go up to $2000. Folding boats will set you back $1250 for an entry-level boat and up to $4500 for a top-notch two-some. There are some really good inflatable kayak manufactures and some of the best are Sea Eagle, Innova Kayaks, and Advance Elements.

Points to Remember

One more thought. Inflatable boats and kayaks have been around for a while – your Coast Guard and search and rescue people use them all the time… So don’t shy away from them. But like any boat or kayak you buy, common sense must always come into play. Join the thousands already enjoying their inflatable kayak and boat. Always remember to wear your Life Jackets when out on the water.

At RigidInflatableKayaks.com, we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the joy of kayaking or boating, regardless your budget or lack of storage space. Join the thousands like us who enjoy their inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats every chance that we get. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro you’ll find high performance and affordable, inflatable or portable kayaks, inflatable boats, and more for touring, fishing, whitewater, motoring, or just for a weekend getaway. All our Kayaks and Boats are easy to use, setup, maintain, and store.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Victor_Lelii/800658

Buying a Kayak for the First Time? Know your Kayak Types

Kayak, Sea kayak, Watercraft, Water sports, Skeg, Boat, Boating, Boats

Yeah my name is steve gibbons and I’m with scappoose bay kayaking. Sports authority inflatable kayaks here in warren Oregon where an organization that has been here for about the last 11 years. 2 seat kayak walmart and we’re here to help people out in 2 man kayak Walmart regards to victory blast kayak for sale my understanding is that you’d like to know a little bit about kayaks and the first thing that we always ask people when you’re interested in buying a boat is two things what do you see yourself doing in the kayak if you’re just looking for something that you’re going to use a couple times during the summer well then of course you might not be interested in a larger investment but if you find which you will that you really enjoy kayaking then there’s a different degrees of kayaks that you might be interested in kayak mc sports buying as well and you can go right from the very beginning all the way to the more expensive boats what i mean by that is is in the early stages a basic beginner kayak is what we call a recreational kayak a recreational kayak is a boat that has a large cockpit which is what this opening is it’s very easy to get in and out of its adaptable to all sizes of kids and adults it’s very stable it’s relatively a little heavier than some other materials it’s made out of a plastic what we call a milk bottle plastic or polyethylene plastic and to keep its structural integrity because of the material it has to be made very thick in order to stay strong and that adds to the wait so in your basic beginner cheap kayaks at Walmart  they will have a tendency to be a little bit heavier but much more stable because of their within their length as you progress up into different styles of boats based upon your own paddling skills you might also start working yourself up in the boats and a first time kayak buyer we call this a touring style boat and a touring style kayak can still also be made out of the polyethylene material but you’ll notice that they’re going to be a lot thinner they’re going to be a lot longer they’ll have a little bit different sized opening to get into the cockpit itself and there more for the advanced paddling where you might take yourself out in the more adverse conditions or different types of of paddling situations there are some that are sort of a hybrid between the two in this particular boat it’s a real lightweight kayak but it does have a large cock pit so it as a recreational sighs cockpit and yet the material is a thermal formed a lifetime arrow 123 material called carbon light and because of the the structure of the material itself is very lightweight so in this particular boat it’s a little bit more money but you’re getting a large cock pit you’re getting a lighter-weight kids kayaks at Walmart and you’re getting a very durable boat as well the degree of cost varies on the actual material as well in your recreational style boats you can usually get into a recreational style boat for around 500 to 600 dollars somewhere in that area there are some that are even less in price but you might find that academy sports kayaks sale they’re also less in size, how much are kayaks at Walmart, and they won’t necessarily fit you as you advance up into a better quality materials whether it’s stronger or more light weight of the price also goes up single person because the material costs more and actually the construction and the design and everything also increases so the material styles are various and sizes and also the weights will change based on the materials themselves the reason why kayaks sports authority asked what you’re going to do with the kayak is because people have a tendency to want to buy the least expensive boat that they can to get into and under the water and in some cases that boat might be the boat you’ll stay with forever but in my experience for the last 35 years and kayaking what usually happens is pink kayak people will like the sport they’ll buy an inexpensive boat to get into it they’ll paddle that boat around for maybe a summer or so and then realize that they want to paddle more often they want to go to more places they want to do more things and in some cases a recreational style boat is not the proper boat for going out into more advanced paddling areas so they’ll buy another boat they can either turn this in as a resale or a lot of times they’ll keep it at the garage or at their home or their cabin or whatever for when their friends come to visit who might not be as easy as paddling skilled as they now have become and then they’ll buy an upgrade boat and have a better quality boat to paddle yeah.


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