How the Leptin Hormone Controls Appetite and Weight Loss

Controlling Appetite

  • Most people these days are consuming far more protein than they need, together with excessive non-fiber carbs and not enough healthful fatty acids This could hinder your wellbeing and fitness goals by elevating blood glucose levels, promoting weight gain, holding extra body fat, stressing your kidneys, draining important bone minerals, and even leading to dehydration.
  • If, on the other hand, you’re eating low-carb, I do not think it makes as much difference, as your blood glucose and insulin levels are going to be much more under control anyway.

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Calories Each Day

  • Given that athlete’s food generally focuses on carbs, the diet is relatively low fat but principally it is a sort of calorie-restricted diet, since expenditure is typically 1,000 to 2,000 calories extra each day than an person can easily consume.
  • I do best on an Atkins / South Beach variety diet to shed weight, and yes I do gain fast when I consume virtually any white carbs (sugar, white flour, white rice, pasta etc.) so I try to eat always on a plan that avoids white foods.
  • Also, I’ve also read that bit regarding choline and fatty liver but as there isn’t any need to eat copious amounts of fructose, and as it takes time to change eating habits (choline from meals are infinitely better for you than choline in supplements) and the best low-carb sources are egg yolk and liver, two foods most of us have been trained into a pathological fear of eating, advising people with fatty liver to avoid fructose is still valid advice.

Trouble Losing Weight

  • Not everyone who is having trouble losing weight on a low-carb diet plan is taking in more calories/carbs/protein/fat than they think.
  • If you’re on a low-carb diet and are setting up a caloric deficit of a couple of hundred calories daily, eating even a helping of these nuts will do your weight loss in. But who is able to eat only one serving?
  • What ultimately remedied the predicament was a low-carb, high-fat diet, which she calls a low-impact eating due to the benign effects on blood glucose and insulin.
  • Having read many articles and reactions, I understand that when consuming a high-fat, moderate-protein, and incredibly low carb diet (sub 30g/day), calorie restriction is more important if fat loss is sought after.
Video Transcript

hey guys I’m going to talk about leptin there’s a lot of confusion on what leptin is they think they maybe could take into supplement it’s going to help them this way let’s just kind of give you the basics of what it is leptin is a hormone okay that’s a it’s a particle in your body that’s produced by various tissues or glands in this case is produced by a fat cell that sends a signal to the blood telling the body to do certain things so leptin is this say a T hormone it’s the message of leptin is stop eating unsatisfied okay so let me ask you a question are you hungry right now do you get cravings do you feel like you’re satisfied easily well it could be because your leptin is too low so let’s kind of cover what that means so your fat cells make leptin okay the more fat you have the higher level of leptin you should have okay so if someone’s really fat they should have a lot of leptin and not be hungry but that’s not the case so what happens with this hormone is that they have so much left in being pushed out and pumped out from the fat cell which is abnormal that the receptors that receive that leptin start resisting left in so it’s very similar to insulin resistance in that you have high levels of hormone communication that go into the receptor and the Septor protects itself by downgrading so in a case with insulin resistance you have certain parts of value that we have high insulin and other parts we have very low insulin same thing with left him so very overweight people have a situation where they have a lot of leptin but it’s unavailable to their body and that means they’re going to be hungry most the time so here they have this huge fat fat supply storage system but they’re always hungry they’re like they’re starving and so when people say that oh yeah it’s easy to lose weight just you know have willpower well hormone only this is going to really force you to eat because your hormones are completely out of whack it’s not just as easy as saying I’m just not going to eat anymore so the point is that the whole theory of low willpower causing weight gain is is not true especially when you get into leptin it’s part of the reward system of the body so people feel like I don’t know if this ever happened to you where you feel like you have to reward yourself as food right well that’s part of this whole leptin thing it’s just it’s like a it’s like a it’s part of the center of the brain which actually has pleasure and it’s also part of the brain that’s stimulated by certain drugs that give you pleasure and the whole thing but here’s the thing here’s what you have to do you have to follow the the rules on insulin in that you want to keep your insulin low and I’m going to put a link down below if you’ve never watched my videos on how to do that because that’s the fastest way to lose fat because the solution to this is to get rid of your fat to make it easier to heal the leptin to the point where your leptin resistance can go away and you can have normal leptin so your cravings will go away I think the best thing to eat to satisfy you in the meantime would be actual fat at the meal so I’m going to put a link down below most of you watching have already seen those videos but if you haven’t you can click down below to how to heal the system to actually get rid of cravings but you know Lipton is kind of a secondary hormone and that’s why I haven’t really done any videos on it it’s not something you can trigger with taking a food and the supplements that people take it’s a joke they don’t really work because by the time first of all I don’t believe that there’s actual leptin in a supplement that you buy at the / the and I also even if it was a hormone it be digested by the stomach unless it was injected through the protein so that’s not going to happen so the real solution is to just understand what it does and then focus on reducing insulin get the fat off this will heal the cravings will get better as well thanks for watching hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

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