What Are Leptin Weight Issues


  • After I went to the physician years ago, having lost weight on low-carb (and mostly whole-foods low carb at the end), he was very happy.
  • By eating a diet that is high in sweets (particularly fructose), grains, and junk foods – precisely the same type of diet that will also increase inflammation in your body – as the carbohydrates gets metabolized in your fat cells, the fat produces spikes in leptin.
  • Of course, now people are freaking over the natural grassfed meat I eat and wish me to ‘eat by my blood type’, which being A+ is an opposite diet of high carb, reduced fat, veggie stuff… (my concession to them for my next test is to eat plenty of poultry and more salads – this I can do, no way i am eating carbohydrates for health)

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Weight Issues

  • It really is tough to have sweets and carbohydrates all around as well as individuals bashing low-carb (and I mean – but I don’t – do you know the those who don’t have weight issues eating?).
  • I avoid fast food and most processed foods, but I do eat too many desserts (chocolate, ice cream, etc.). Now that I have some understanding of the effect of carbs/sugar on general health, I believe I need more details about improving my diet to avoid the chronic, degenerative illnesses related to high-carb consumption.
  • I do not produce insulin after eating, so I get to see what these intended low carb” foods do to blood glucose, and believe me, it isn’t pretty.
  • The point is that whenever scientists look at traditional people eating their standard diets – whether in rural China, Japan, the Kitava study in the South Pacific, Africa, etc – and find fairly low levels of heart problems, obesity and diabetes compared to urban/westernized communities, they’re undoubtedly looking at populations that eat relatively minimum refined carbs and sugar in comparison to populations that overeat.


  • Regardless how hard you work in the gym; if you still eat a nutrient-poor diet, your body will reveal it. Get all of the processed foods out of the house and observe your consumption of flours, sugars, and bad fats ruthlessly.
  • It is often shown that individuals following low-carb diets and eating a lot of saturated fat end up with less saturated fat in their blood than in the blood of those subjects following low-fat, high-carb diets and eating much less saturated fat.


  • I would like to consume a more stricter, low-carb diet for health advantages and faster weight loss, however in all honesty I hate the flavor of eggs, I do not like dairy products (apart from cheese melted on food), and I really don’t like beef too well either and hate salads.
Video Transcript

there are five simple rules that form the core of the leptin diet the quality of the food you eat is of course important what is interesting about the leptin guide is that it is just as important when you eat as what you eat the leptin diet is the secret to getting more energy from less food the scientific principles upon which it is based are unlikely to ever change this is not a fad diet a calorie manipulation scheme or a starvation routine masquerading as a diet it does not involve deprivation of pleasure the underlying principles of the leptin diet apply to everyone whether you need to lose weight or not it is a lifestyle for eating properly grounded in the science of leptin it is something you can do happily and healthfully over the long haul the five rules of the leptin diet are rule number one never eat after dinner rule number two eat three meals a day rule number three do not eat large meals rule number four eat a breakfast containing protein and rule number five reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten let’s take a look at each of these rules a little more closely rule number one never eat after dinner allow eleven to twelve hours between dinner and breakfast never go to bed on a full stomach finish eating dinner at least three hours before bed one of Lupton’s main rhythms follows a 24-hour pattern leptin levels are highest in the evening hours this is because leptin like the conductor in the orchestra sets the timing for nighttime repair it coordinates the timing and release of melatonin thyroid hormone growth hormone sex hormones and immune system function to carry out rejuvenating sleep it does this while burning fat at the maximum rate compared to any other time of the day and it does this only if you will allow it by not eating after dinner it is pretty obvious when this isn’t working so well your extra cravings for food may be around four o’clock in the afternoon and certainly later in the evening these cravings are powered by a misguided leptin signal to eat causing strong urges that often overwhelm your willpower and self-control if you are in the situation you will find yourself circling the refrigerator in cupboards like an animal hunting its prey you will find excuses to obtain food and often will then plop yourself in front of the TV and begin to eat this is the leptin nightmare the drive to acquire food even though rationally you know you don’t need it make every effort to not eat after dinner at night rule number two is eat three meals a day allow five to six hours between meals and do not snack it is vital to create times during the day when small fat blobs known as triglycerides are cleared from your blood if triglycerides build up during the day they physically clog leptin entry into your brain causing leptin resistance this means that leptin cannot register properly in your subconscious command and control center your metabolism is not designed to deal with constant eating and snacking doing so confuses your metabolism and results in you eating much more than you really need eating too often is like a repetitive strain injury like tennis elbow but in this case leptin elbow yes you are supposed to get a snack between meals but it is supposed to come from your liver this is how your body naturally clears triglycerides from your blood besides the fact that these fat blobs confuse leptin they are also headed in the direction of your hips thighs and stomach so breaking them down and clearing them out is vital and this only happens when you allow 5 to 6 hours between meals when you clear out your circulatory highways of extra fat during the day then leptin works better when you do a great job during the day then you are much more likely to break down and burn stored fat from your hips and thighs while you are sleeping snacking turns out to be one of the worst things you can do it doesn’t matter how many calories you snack on when you snack you throw powerful hormonal switches that cause leptin to malfunction the fictitious idea that snacking is needed to stoke your metabolism or maintain your blood sugar is in no small part behind dietary advice that has helped cause an epidemic of obesity rule number three do not eat large meals if you are overweight always try to finish a meal when you are slightly less than full the full signal will usually catch up in 10 to 20 minutes eating slowly is important as you improve you will start getting full signals at your meals listen to this internal cue and stop eating one of the traits of the non obese French population that is before the American junk food industry swooped down upon them is that their people listen to the internal full signal in America especially in those who are overweight portion size is determined by what is available this is called the seafood diet what you see is what you eat unless you are a super active individual with very high physical output of energy the fastest way to cause leptin problems is to eat large meals it does not matter if the meal is composed mostly a fat carbohydrate or protein consistently eating large meals is the easiest way there is to poison your body with food rule number four eat a breakfast containing protein your metabolism can increase by 30 percent for as long as 12 hours from a high-protein meal the calorie burning equivalent of a 2 to 3 mile jog a high carbohydrate breakfast such as juice cereal waffles pancakes or bagels does not enhance metabolic rate more than 4% especially when eaten with little protein this rule is especially important for individuals who struggle with energy food cravings and/or body weight in general it is a necessity for anyone over the age of 40 while some people may be able to run their metabolism just fine on a higher carbohydrate breakfast for number of years this tends not to be the case for any person struggling with their weight the two signs of a poor breakfast are number one you are unable to make at five hours to lunch without food cravings or your energy crashing and number two you are much more prone to strong food cravings later that afternoon or evening eggs are a good breakfast just not smothered in butter and cheese cottage cheese is another high protein breakfast food and along with the serving of complex carbohydrate or fruit makes a great breakfast even a few tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter not half the jar on a piece of toast could work well especially if you are in a hurry I like high efficiency whey protein for quick and easy breakfast such as our daily protein plus it is quality protein that gets your metabolism started on the right foot and will keep you more stable during the day and rule number five reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten carbohydrates are easy to use fuels if you eat too many of them there is no need for your body to dip into its savings account it is very important that you eat some carbohydrates carbohydrates are needed or your thyroid turns off electrolytes become dysregulated muscles weaken growth hormone is not released correctly fat is not burned efficiently there is an unsatisfied feeling after a meal your heart can become stressed and your digestive system may go on the blink I certainly do not advocate a no carbohydrate diet you don’t want to make yourself into a carbohydrate cripple however most overweight individuals eat two or three times the amount of carbohydrates they are able to metabolize if you are trying to lose weight an easy way to do this is what I call the 50/50 technique look at the food on your plate you want to see a palm-sized portion of protein a four to six ounce portion for women a six to eight ounce portion for men and then you want to see a palm-sized amount of the carbohydrates a 50-50 visual this way there’s no calorie counting so you compare the protein like chicken meat turkey eggs to the carbohydrates like bread rice pasta potatoes fruit corn or squash fill up on fiber-rich vegetables as desired if you think you really need more food than this then take a tablespoon or two of good soluble fiber before you eat like our fiber helper or our lept of fiber and you will not only feel more full on less food but your insulin and leptin response to your meal will be smoothed out and in many cases enhanced in summary one key take-home message about the science of leptin is that it is just as important when you eat as what you eat eating throws powerful hormonal switches make sure you throw them at the right time so that your body can do what it was intended to do when you eat in harmony with leptin your head will feel clearer and your energy better your cravings will go away and your health will improve there is a lot of power in these five simple rules.