How Leptin Works for Fat Loss

Limiting Carbohydrates

      • If you are limiting your net carbohydrates to this level – or lower – for some time, and your weight, blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol levels have stabilized, you are able to raise your carb intake gradually as long as you do so with nutritious whole foods.
      • Carbohydrate addiction cannot clarify it, because not every one of us halt our diets and consume carbs (and, just like over eating results from the metabolic functions of weight problems, binging on carbohydrates after fat loss could really be due to the hormonal adjustments after using up your body fat, rather than a cause of weight regain/weight loss failure).

    Mixed Natural Diet

          • Specific foods aren’t healthful or harmful, but patterns can be. I’ve been encouraging individuals to eat intelligently, to make the most natural diet possible, to avoid simple sugars and refined and processed grains, and to get a mix of proteins, complex carbs, dietary fiber, and crucial fat.
          • I can see that exercise may be useless for losing weight on a high-carb diet (for insulin resistant people anyway) but for people on a low-carb diet that happen to be well keto-adapted, undoubtedly it rationally SHOULD help them melt away more fat than they normally would, and without always making them more hungry (eating more than they usually would).
          • But it is still possible to make the general statement that eating carbohydrates and protein, to various degrees, trigger an insulin response in normal people, even though the blood sugar levels in all those various people may hit distinct peaks, at different times, etc.

    Calories and Losing Weight

        • Sometimes the solution isn’t less carbohydrates, additional protein, more fat, however a real true issue like a parasite, hypothyroidism (from either a nutritional deficiency or illness), or the individual has an eating disorder and 1200-1500 calories a day isn’t actually the right amount of food for them to be eating for losing fat.
        • I’m particularly wondering about people, like me, that have spent a few years consuming highly-processed crap, became insulin-resistant and gained a lot of weight, and who now have trouble losing weight even while eating a wholesome low-carb diet.

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    Video Transcript

    yo what’s up y’all welcome at underground wellness comm today we’re talking about fat loss from leptin talk a little bit about insulin and for the nerds out there if you want to learn the super complicated in detail version of this you can read a book called mastering that’s and you guys are totally going to love that if you’re not so much of a nerd you want to simplify fun version of it you can always check out my ebook the dark side of fat loss this is the printed version right here but you know people like to print a hard copy version of it it’s got really cool graphics like that on left in and it’s just pretty darn dope so check that out dark side of fat loss. learn all about healthy fat loss now that’s him is like this really forgotten hormone it’s underappreciated people don’t talk about it very much we tend to focus on insulin and you know the effect of refined carbohydrates as well as other things like excess polyunsaturated fats on insulin levels and insulin resistance and whatnot we oversimplify things with the sole calories in calories out approach is like fat loss is like a math problem which it isn’t I’m going to show you today why that calories in calories out thing can be very very counterproductive to a lot of people and pretty much ensure that you came all of that way back now one of the reasons why people don’t talk much about leptin is because of the fact that it’s a it’s a relatively new discovery it was discovered in the late 1990s and so we’ve been talking about insulin for the last 50 60 70 years it’s relatively new and before a letter was discovered it was thought that our fat cells were just these unsightly storage bins for excess consumed energy now what we found or what they then of course I didn’t find it what they found is that your fat stores are actually an active in de cream gland now what I mean by that is they make things your fat stores actually make inflammatory chemicals and they make hormones as well and one of those hormones is called leptin very very critical very very crucial now I always like to say human beings will left to their own devices will wipe themselves off the face of the earth really really fast and so we have to have some type of survival mechanism in us so we’ve all been hardwired with this a starvation defense system I like to call called leptin and what it does here’s I we have to remember we can’t forget that our ancestors you know they probably lived in places where there was times of feast and there were times of famine and then there is another time with feasts now when there’s no food around during those famines we had to live off of our fat stores and that’s where that thing comes in our bodies are really all about survival is what they do so check this out your fat stores are always in communication with your brain at least we hope they are we’ll talk about that in a second now the particular part of your brain is called your hypothalamus it’s like your fat stores are always sitting a phone call to your hypothalamus telling them what to tell is what’s going on and the hypothalamus it’s going hey you know let’s talk about me our Sean’s fat store is cold enough right now for him to make it through this famine that never really comes in our bodies don’t know that we have like supermarkets and all that stuff and convenience stores and endless supply of food it’s still hardwired for the old-school you know saying so it’s saying hey does Sean have enough fat stores to make it through the famine because when that family comes we have to burn those babies up now check this out here is a fat cell I’m sorry adipose tissue wants to say and within there we’ve got the little fat cells again this is a simplified version it in those fat cells they are producing leptin so you see the little green arrows in there and now leptin is going to make that phone call to the brain and the brain says hey Sean’s fat stores are cool now what he’s going to do it what my brain is going to do is going to say fat stores are sufficient it’s going to keep my metabolism cranked up and it’s going to keep my appetite they because it doesn’t really want anymore fat it’s not really telling me to go eat up the house because it there’s no need for me to put on more fat stores so this is what happens when leptin is working well good healthy metabolism cranked up and the appetite is down now let’s talk about that time of famine for our ancestors now during the times of famine again they lived off of their fat stores so the fat stores got smaller and smaller smaller now how much sense would it make if you’re burning up your fat stores because it’s a family and there’s no food how much sense would it make for your body to go hey let’s keep this metabolism just totally humming along and let’s keep this appetite down no that wouldn’t make sense because that the metabolism was still fired up then you burn through all these fat cells and you would simply die and so what happens is again we have the fat cells and we just have a little bit of left in there and that left is making the phone calls to the brain the brain saying oh that stores you down why do I know that how does the brain know that because the lectins down there’s not that great signal anymore so you get insufficient fat stores the brain is going to slow down the metabolisms go talk to the thyroid to do that and it’s going to increase the appetite by increasing something called ghrelin and mpy you learn all about that in my book but it increases the appetite to motivate you to go find some food because you don’t mind food and this gets too bad you’re gonna probably gonna die that’s not a good thing and so these two things are really critical this is what nothing’s good this one is when leptin is low and everything is functioning well now you guys are probably thinking well Sean I’m overweight I got a lot of fat tissue which means I should have a ton of leptin talking to my brain and so you would think that your metabolism will be cranked up and your appetite will be down but you can find the complete opposite your metabolism slowing you’re hungry all the time right I’ll check this out you very likely have something called leptin resistance and what happens here is you have all these fat cells you got all this left you see all the green in there it’s not too the jelly green there and it’s making the phone call to the brain but the grip the brains ringers off its ringer on so it can’t get the call so it’s blocking it’s resistant the leptin has no influence on the brains of the brain second leptin must be low fat cells must be low because there’s not much left thing coming through so it thinks the body’s fat stores are low the metabolism slows down and the appetite increases I want to come to back this is really craziest in this right here this is were a lot of people are dealing with and we’ll talk about some of the causes in just a second I want to come back to this one because I missed this one here I missed a really important part there this person right here is not eating sufficient food because it’s a famine so this person is burning through muscle tissue burning through fat tissue as well to survive because the calories are significantly lower leptin is talking to the brain brains that slow down the tableaus that increase the appetite what we are doing these days with our calories and calories out approach is where we’re giving ourselves a voluntary famine we’re putting ourselves through a voluntary family this is act exactly we’re doing so the metabolism slows down this is what you say oh my god I’ve hit a plateau just seems like when metabolism slowed down I’ve been doing all this you know working out nothing saying seems to change that’s what happened this is what happens when you’re doing your fat loss program and you’re you know you get home from the gym or from wherever and all you want to do is eat everything in the refrigerator you’re like come on willpower real power real power willpower and go do nothing about this leptin situation going on and think about this I said this is my radio show many times why would a caveman or a cave woman go jogging during a famine because that’s exactly what we do when we cut our calories in difficulty and we go to the gym involve that’s just a voluntary famine and we’re going for a jog doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense we have to change our approach to start doing healthy fat loss but yeah so resistance led to resistance what are some of the causes here got the causes down here number one would be caloric restriction significantly cutting your calories doing the voluntary famine insulin tissues and blood sugar surges insulin and leptin are like brothers from a different mother you know I’m saying they did whenever insulin is negatively impacted you’re going to negatively impact leptin as well now again I’ve said this in other videos it’s not just refined carbohydrates it’s excess polyunsaturated fats as well it’s excess alcohol consumption it’s sleep deprivation it’s stress its toxicities all of these things we just can’t have tunnel vision and connect insulin with carbs in general you know refined carbs not cars in general but stress is gonna cause insulin resort left’s and resistance overeating can cause leptin resistance you know people do that all the time increased triglycerides which is typically due to refined carbohydrates are going to cause leptin resistance excess fructose and before the 80/10/10 30 bananas a day people come come after me for saying that I’m talking about high fructose corn syrup you know – toes closer syrup isn’t everything look at any packaged product you’ve got fructose in it people are consuming it many times a day contributing to their leptin resistance and then lastly I had dr. William Davis author of Wheat Belly on my radio show a couple months ago and he said that there’s no research coming out showing that wheat can be playing a role in leptin resistance so we gotta clean it up we got to get back to eating real foods we got to start eating smart exercising smart going a bit on time reducing our toxic load improving our digestion you know looking for all these missing links fixing our hormones you know having a more again holistic approach to fat loss we have to kind of embrace healthy fat loss because this type of fat loss right here it will work short term but that weight is going to come back because as soon as this person right here starts eating their old dive again oh because you’re gonna fall off like Paul check says the tie rolls in you don’t saying that’s what I have us what’s going to happen those excess calories that you start to consume when you follow if your diet or going directly to your fat source because why because your body’s all about survival and it says hey pack those fat stores on because you never know when the famine is going to come we all know it’s not coming but our brains don’t know that and so that is leptin that is something that a lot of you guys probably didn’t know about fat loss again it really simplifies fun approach to that is in the dark side of fat loss lessons from the underground pick it up dark side of fat loss comm or go ahead and download the first chapter at dark side preview dot-com I’m out face