Tofu Shirataki Noodles w/ Thai Curry Sauce Recipe

Miracle Noodles w/ Thai Curry Sauce Recipe

Today’s recipe is going to be a treat particularly if you are watching your waistline. I am making a Thai curry noodle bowl which I know sounds very rich and indulgent but I’m actually going to use these tofu shirataki noodles which are a low-carb low-calorie noodle substitute. and I’ve always been a fan of these in fact back when I was watching my weight I cooked a lot with these and so I was super excited to get an opportunity to work with house was to develop this recipe for them so this dish is actually inspired by a traditional dish that has a spicy curry sauce poured over a kind of rice noodles we call kinome Deen but today I’m going to lighten it up by using these instead let’s get started this sauce is essentially a basic curry sauce but with a little twist so I’m going to start out as I normally do all of my curries and that is sauteing the paste I’m going to saute it in reduced coconut milk I’m going to bring that to a boil and today I am using two types of curry paste red curry paste and yellow yes did you know you could mix curry paste together and come up with a new flavor I love the flavor of red curry paste but I also love the warm spices that yellow curry paste has these are just store-bought but if you want to make your own I have recipes for both these curry pastes and you can do all red if you want to or you can do all yellow really or you can do green really this one is a very very flexible sauce keep reducing it until it’s very thick and what’s going to happen is the oil from the coconut milk is going to start breaking away from the rest of the curry paste so my curry paste is very thick now and I can see the coconut oil breaking and separating on the edges now if your coconut milk is not doing that don’t worry about it if it’s very thick and you’ve cooked it for a while just move on some coconut milk just has been processed to prevent separation mmm smelling good I’m going to have the rest of my coconut milk and also some water now if you want you can add chicken stock and make it even better that is starting to look like occurring a secret ingredient now this is my own little trick I’m going to add some chopped tomato we typically don’t do this in Thailand but tomatoes and red and yellow curries go really well together we add cherry tomatoes to yellow curry we add cherry tomatoes to red curry and I love how the brightness of the tomatoes really accent the flavor of the curry paste and so I thought why not add it into the sauce and actually let the tomatoes sort of become a part of the sauce let it dissolve turn it down to a simmer and let it reduce for about 10 minutes until it’s thick and also until the tomatoes are completely disintegrated into the sauce and then we’ll come and check back on it so the sauce is now reduced rich thick and the tomatoes have completely dissolved now I’m going to add some protein this is just some white fish this is barramundi to be exact but you can add any kind of white fish and I just cut it into little little pieces and what I want is for it to actually completely sort of break down and the fish becomes essentially a thickener for the curry and we do this a lot for the sauce bar kind of Dean and in Thailand what they’ll do is they’ll actually pound the fish into you know complete mush and you won’t actually see the fish but you’ll taste it I’m not going to go through that I’m just going to let it cook and then it’ll just sort of break down a little bit they’ll get little chunks here and there it is okay some sugar to cut the salt now this is a very concentrated curry and the curry paste or bought curry paste is quite salty so I just need a splash a little bit of fish sauce I will give you this tip though when you taste it make sure it is very strong because you’re going to pour this over noodles mix it with a bunch of vegetables and it will get diluted quite a bit so if it tastes perfect now it’ll be a little bit underseasoned once you put everything together one last touch kaffir lime leaves add some citrus freshness and in this form I won’t eat the leaves but if you want to be able to eat it you don’t want to deal with pieces of things in your career that you can’t eat you can finally finally julienne it and give that just a minute for the fish to sort of cook and break down and for the lime leaves to do there magic and the sauce is pretty much done and by the way you don’t have to use the fish you can omit it all together or you can add a little piece of chicken you can do ground chicken and ground pork whatever protein you want but fish is what’s traditional always always taste your food mmm mmm so rich and thick and oh my god that does taste like Thailand so that’s the sauce and we got a can’t wait let’s get all our other ingredients together all right noodle time so these are really easy to prepare they’re already cooked so all you have to do is drain them and make sure you rinse them really well so you don’t have any of the packing liquid left and when you’re done that I’m just gonna blanch these for 30 seconds just to heat them up now these noodles have a unique smell to them I find them smell kind of seaweedy and I don’t really mind them but if you want to reduce that smell it’s a natural smell you can boil them for longer for two to three minutes and that’ll help so off I go these noodles trainers are so useful and the sauce mmm that looks great ha now you can make the sauce as thick or as light as you want you don’t want it as rich you can totally do a little more stock or water and a little less coconut milk well you don’t have to reduce it as long so totally something you can customize so the coolest part about this dish is actually the toppings now kinome dean in thailand comes with a variety of different herbs fresh vegetables to sort of contrast the richness of the sauce so you can really choose whatever toppings vegetables you want but I’m going to show you some of the classic ones okay some long beans which I have blanched I’m going to do some bean sprouts this is not super traditional but I love radish sprouts I think they’re so cute some Thai basil you can also do dill some people have some deal with this pickled mustard greens now pickled mustard greens is traditional you can get it at Chinese grocery stores but you can definitely do any kind of pickled vegetables so the idea is have something tart to balance out the saltiness of the sauce and the cherry on this Sunday is an egg a medium boiled egg is what I like but you can do hard-boiled wow that looks almost too good to eat and then a little final garnish if you’re making this fancy for someone a little red is always nice ah isn’t that so pretty let’s taste it get some long beans in there the curry sauce so concentrated to really taste all of those herbs that are in the curry paste the creaminess of the egg and the crunchiness of the long beans and tartness of the pickles everything is working together super well and the noodles the texture you won’t have had anything like it it’s sort of halfway between tender and crunchy it’s kind of a fun texture going on in your mouth it’s so good so I hope you give this a try this is so good I can’t believe it’s actually a low-cal dish as a recipe as always is on hot tight kitchen comm and if you make this send me a photo Facebook Twitter Instagram and I will be you next time for your next delicious type you want some.

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