Healthy Meals- How to Plan, Prepare and Cook Healthy Meals.

Healthy meals are the backbone of your fitness program. Here’s a great video on planning, preparing and cooking healthy meals. If you know your life -and getting in shape- would be easier if you prepared your food in advance, then why haven’t you done it? Too busy? Too lazy? Maybe a combination of the two? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Just watch the video and get inspired.

Video Transcript

Healthy meals– Hey guys ABC and today we are making new friends new friends reference that time money and keep you on track your fitness goal so let’s get started first step is really cooking off some brown rice going to be going up to come to this in three cups of water a tablespoon of coconut bring it up to the boil and then we’ll stir so all the rice is cooking we’re going to prep the chicken we’re good nobody is a dollar coming up way I can you know y’all most chickens will have the that cut off by if there is any access to trim it up now I’m going to cut it into four slices going to cut the other on a diagonal on an angle down into four even strip so I saw this coming down one to get that’s the one in there that to avoid cross-contamination make sure you wash your board up the cutting room mate today I’m going to take a quick marinade we’re going to use some garlic and we’re going to use some lemon floats on the twentieth and I’m going to push down boom right so i was going to toss this up if you’re bored is beginning to slip a good tip is a chuck a wet paper towel underneath guys of course you could always use a garlic press but do you like using or not so now here we go with the GOG boom now we’re going to the juice of 1 women noses now we add some salt and pepper part of that cracked black pepper Himalayan sea salt to the hand . and dirty it’s not super fresh now ready to cook yourself so it’s come to the boil now we’re going to give it a stir and then we’re going to start cooking our chicken over here get a nice aha hey we’re going to add in some coconut oil I’m using a grill pan today you don’t have to use a grill pan you can just use a regular pen but i do like the grill pan gives a nice chart series the chicken sound like coconut oil is melted we’re going to chuck e a chicken and we’re going to do it in a couple of different batches so they make sure it’s hot and the sizzle beautiful I’m not – that’s ready to go going over about three minutes on each side hey there is done now it’s going to flip it back on and have a good turn the heat off and that’s it OK this is ready and we’re going to definitely watch this one if it’s all the fun of too much you know I put one of these on top these are ready all beautiful I’m going to put it into its different ball well but you can still give me and I prep the broccoli so easy way to cut this is a tip it over and you’re going to cut down whichever the thing is and those thoughts just going to pull away at the bottom we go easy is that this is Charlie edible all the way straight articulate and roll like this robot chicken is cooking i was going to push that to the fact and now I’m going to add a part of water and bring to the boil thank you for the broccoli and check the lid on that and then why am i kicking ready to turn in my chicken well you know that is that we like chicken this batch is ready and – a ball for the last batch and we go to get all the juts man yeah and was like in the one of the band that you hope that little splash got back on OK what’s up any girls are broken do that this chicken is going to be done lost love it time for a taste test oh yeah yeah just came off the pan all right that’s good I have to have one bicycle down for a shot at the end was coming up quickly that’s nice only a few minutes with that we’re going to talk about chicken and also to give it a fat content into our meal prep we’re going to put some full-fat great yoga we’re going to use a full fat yogurt because if you are using a note that for a low cut yet again that simply replacing that with sugar or chemical so you might be better off getting the full fat yogurt OK today we’re going to put about half cup yoga into a ball now we’re going to add a few different spices any spots that you like and going here my favorites are human someone had a teaspoon of cumin and then add Kan nos is hot I’m gonna use a quarter teaspoon of the can you could use a mint yo get you can use rosemary in there are things we can any spot you like now it’s gonna make it up is that that’s going to go on top of the chicken and broccoli is ready we’re going to drain it almost going to add a tablespoon of coconut oil in there and put the lid on it will melt and I’ll toss it around and then it’s ready to go down to way out third before we put it into the containers we’re going to look for a hundred thirty to fifty grand the chicken behind your grams of brown rice ever going to have the unlimited grains just feel the pain you any left was a really nice pan juices of poking that chicken so you can definitely add that in a meal prep the seven days in less than an hour let us know you thought in the comments section below don’t forget to subscribe and check out some other related videos thank you get the video catch the next are not much. how to healthy meals
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